Æternity Open to Beepool


It’s being paid.
Wallet Payment Technologies being Solved.


Please wait for the next software update.


i don’t think thats your issue…my 1060’s work not using E


Thats surprises me, since I remember from Tromp’s AMA that 8GB of vRAM would be a minimum and 1060’s have a max of 6GB. But I guess that Beepool’s calc workload provider can chop it up better?


ya idk. i have a bunch of virtual ram that might be helping offload? not sure. might be the pool like you suggested.


And if you launch her first and alone, does it work? I have got a mean 1070 non ti that causes me trouble too. Some said to add a 60gb virtual ram but it doesnt help.


Its a seperate system, so its alone. How do you add that virtual RAM? Is that within the commandline or on the system?


Ouch i have a french windows so i will do my best. You have to go on your computer properties and there is a tab where you manage advance parameters and you can manage yourself the size. I will try to find an english tutorial.



when it will be payments?


Ah yes I know what you mean now. I wonder if that is the solution.


Greetings fellow miners:
does anyone know if this operation is legitimate?
I tried looking into the social media links on their site…

facebook link leads nowhere.
twitter account was created in august and contains only 17 tweets.
github link has absolutely no public content. and no public members.

it is concerning that they have accumulated 82% of total network hashpower and almost 500k AE in three days.
and have not transacted a single share of the rewards to pool participants!



Isnt that beepool address? I dont know, just saying.


yes, that is the bee pool address.
this is starting to look like a scam.
I hope the owners of the pool will prove me wrong and start paying out.


looks like the scame pool, only collect the coin


Yep, not liking it at all, and it would be beneficial for network to transfer some hashpower to f2pool.


ill follow suit and point my rigs to a competing pool. solo mining is useless right now.


I’m waiting too, for the payment to be transferred, I even changed my machines to another pool, but sill nothing…


Maybe they have AE on AirGap wallet? They don’t have send option implemented yet. But that is a longshot :smiley:


I have been using Beepool for a very long time and have never had issues on any of their other pools