Æternity Payment Application Update #2 (0.8.0)

Hello to all AEternity developers, teams and community members.

We want to present the first Alpha version of the Payment application which is now in the right track to being usable, after ironing out major issues. From this point, we expect to fix all bugs, implement all desired features, and finish the styling. This is being worked in parallel with the Payment hub. @dave will give a general overview of all the effort related to the hub Server in the developers’ weekly talk.

This version is numbered 0.8.0, and in the subsequent releases we’ll include a change-log to keep community up to date on the fixes and enhancements being made.
Now includes the following features:

  • BaseAepp integration: You can access full secured HTTPS host in https://aehub.coinfabrik.com/merchant and https://aehub.coinfabrik.com/customer for users behaving as merchants/sellers and customers/clients respectively.

  • User Registration at both sides: Both roles are registered in the Payment hub to be identified and tracked easily in the Transaction history display.

  • Deposit/Withdraw: Now both onchain transactions, to either deposit new funds into channel, or to withdraw from it to wallet, are available with progress tracking.

  • Simplified Flow: Merchants offer QR codes to scan now, entering just the amount requested (concept / description is optional) , instead of asking customers’ addresses. This allows the seller to offer e.g: preprinted QRs to consumers and do less work.

  • Inhub funds display: Merchants now have a ready display of how many aettos are in his favor in the Payment hub.

  • Payment Code fallback: Currently, we are stalled at QR scanning due to an app sandbox issue. To workaround this , we implemented a scheme where the merchant generates a server-backed payment code to be used by the customer instead of QR Scanning to pay for the item(s) he wants to purchase. Note that this is intended as a test/fallback feature, the QR Scanning mechanism is already implemented but waiting for the permission/security issues

    Here the merchant offers the code ZAUFEPU2 for the customer who can use it after clicking the PAY button.

  • Improved style Rendering CSS was enhanced towards the final design.

As you can expect, there are a lot of bugs to be fixed. Be patient :wink: we expect to do frequent releases from now with increased quality and usability.
The next week comprehensive QA process will start.



Anything i do wrong here?

Using the Android base aepp.

Can you also share the GitHub repository with the code and do you use GitHub issues for bug and improvement tasks / issue tracking?

One more thing, it would be really nice if you could link to issues and PR’s and documentation like seen here: State Channels bi-weekly development update - late August 2019

Thank you for the update!! Great work so far.


Hi emin!

Regarding the app, we have an updated version. Posted today: Æternity Payment Application Update #3 (0.8.5)

I’m going to put up the repo so we can work together tracking the current issues.

Thank you very much.