Æternity Payment Application Update #6 (0.9.7)

Looking forward to the upcoming conference, we continue to improve the payment application. In this case we were able to use the latest 5.0.0-RC nodes. Keep in mind that they still have reliability issues specially at connection time. You may see a CONNECTED state waiting forever, without the node asking you to sign, and finally disconnecting. We are reviewing and working through all this with the development team. We thank all the help received.

iPhone PWA is fully supported to operate the application, including camera access.


Two nodes are provided to test:

  • 4.2.1 in Private-net @ https://aehub.coinfabrik.com
    This node mines much faster and provides the smoother experience.

  • 5.0.0-rc1 in Testnet @ https://aehub2.coinfabrik.com
    This node works under more realistic conditions, so expect much longer waiting time at onchain operations such as channel open and close.

The aepp locations are the same:

Onboarding QR Codes

You may want to print the onboarding QRs.
Use https://aehub.coinfabrik.com:3000 and https://aehub2.coinfabrik.com:5443 respectively for 4.2.1-privatenet or 5.0.0-rc1 onboarding codes.

Preprinted Codes

There is an online merchant to play with. The sample product QRs can be picked up from https://aehub.coinfabrik.com:3000/products and https://aehub2.coinfabrik.com:5443/products.

Sample Operation

In the following captures two interacting peers are shown. The merchant is operating a iPhone device, running the PWA version, while the customer uses an old Android 7 smartphone.

Merchant Sequence

(1) Opens application

(2) Gives access to iPhone camera to scan QR

(3) Identifies his own store name

(4) Accepts opening channel with guarantee deposit

(5) Channel opens for him

(6) Chooses to generate a payment to sell SOME GIFT at 0.35 AE

(7) Waits for the customer to scan his QR (he has 60 seconds to offer the payment or cancel it)


(1) Opens the customer application in the Playstore Base-Aepp, connects to his wallet and registers a name in the payment hub.

(2) He chooses to fund his channel with 4 AE and waits for sign and channel opening.

(3) He scans the QR offered by the TOTOS BAR merchant, and the system asks him if he wants to confirm the payment.

The payment is agreed and transaction done

Both peers see in their displays the successful transaction, which they can verify later in the Activity subscreen.



CHANGE-LOG for 0.9.7 (190912)

NOTE This version requires base-aepp >= 0.10.1.

  • First version compliant for Node V5.0.0-rc1
  • Balance in favor of Merchant peer now displayed properly at Main Menu.
  • Fixes in “My Activity” section for Merchants.
  • Main Menu button fixes in OnDemand mode.
  • Channel opening sequence can be canceled by user.
  • In On-demand Mode, Leave operation request now properly waits for final DISCONNECTED state.
  • Touches and little fixes on UI and navigation.


  • Scrolling seems to be locked by container iframe on some phones, causing keyboard to display over the UI. Switch to floating keyboard if possible to address this.
  • In some displays you may not be able to enter optional payment concept due to space constraints.
  • When OnDemand mode is active, Withdraw and Deposit are not available (see https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/2124891/stories/167944617)
  • Page Refresh may cause problems if a channel operation is underway. This should be fixed with 4.7.0 and reconnection mechanism (not included yet)
  • Do not switch subaccounts except before channel opening.
  • Cancelling transactions through Base-Aepp dialog may cause channel to enter inconsistent state.

If i connect to the two test nodes, how do i get test-tokens?

Sorry @emin for forgetting that important thing. We did a reset of the private node yesterday. I’ll try to prepare an automatic little faucet, meanwhile @dave can you help Emin with some AEs? Thanks

do you run your own testnet or are you connected to the aeternity testnet?

The aehub2 node is connected and synced to Aeternity Testnet.

The channel opening operation is getting stuck for me at “Channel connected” in both the merchant and the client app. I’m using chrome PWA base aepp 0.10.1 with the aehub2 node.

-v5 / aehub2 is testnet. any testnet faucet should work, right!

-v4 / aehub is private-net, and we haven’t deployed any faucet, but if you configure the default private net miner account wallet you can transfer to your address from them. Also, I will kindly send tokens to everyone who wants.

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I did retry testing the application but nothing changed from my last try, as reported in devchat. Also https://customer.aehub.coinfabrik.com/ seems to result in a 404.

Overwrite installation, display signature conflicts,Uninstalling reload can be solved, but it is very troublesome to re-enter the key.

please fix it, or design a direct update, thanks