Æternity Payment Application Update #9 (0.9.13)

The new 0.9.13 release is working against versions as follows:

  • Node 5.0.0-rc5
  • Javascript SDK 5.0.0
  • Base Aepp 0.12.0

A demo video showing the current functionality -where a sample merchant and customer are doing typical interaction- is available at the end of this entry as a guide.

Keep in mind the following:

There are new aepp URLs and we enabled web server compression for shorter load times.

Customer: https://c.pay.coinfabrik.com
Merchant: https://m.pay.coinfabrik.com

Use https://aehub.coinfabrik.com for node address (updated with 5.0.0-rc5 testnet configuration).

For onboarding QR, open https://aehub.coinfabrik.com:3000/ in your browser.

Channel open confirmation times can be long. Please be patient until channel is open.


@dave and @hernandp from the Coinfabrik Team.


this is using state channel?

Yes @crypto_user, it is - the team just posted a roadmap -


Yes, payments are done through State-channels. You can look the previous updates (search for “Payment Application Update”) for further information.


What does affect the confirmation time with the blockchain? Does heavy transaction will affect it? More user interact with blockchain = longer confirmation? Because I really thought state channel is instantaneous…


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When you want to establish a State channel, you decide how many “block confirmations” want to wait to consider it established (by using a parameter called “minimum depth”).

The more confirmations, the longer it takes. Using less confirmations makes you have to deal with scenarios where a blockchain fork could make your channel “disappear”. Given that, it is a delicate trade-off.

It have no relation with transactions on the channel or others.


A state channel, once established, will not be affected by heavy on-chain transactions. It scales limitless. Only if you want to perform on-chain actions, this will have an influence.