Æternity Telegram Tipping Bot (TipBot)

I was recently approached by someone from the aeternity group in telegram who said: wouldn’t it we amazing if there was a way to tip users for their help with AE ?

And so this project was born, this bot is based off the code made public by samgos/reddbot-telegram in github and aeternity/aepp-sdk-python

The bot is live in telegram, you can contact it @AeternityTipBot, you can add it to your group, or message it directly.

How to get an address
First you need to create a wallet, the way to do this is to start a private conversation with the bot and “/start”. If you already did this before, you can issue “/deposit” to make the bot give you your deposit address again. If you call this in a private chat it will show you a QR code with the address along with the text. If you do this in a group it will show everyone your address but the QR code won’t be shown

Tipping someone
You can tip someone in 2 ways:
Using the command directly

Or as a reply

As of now the minimum tip amount is 0.1 AE, but you can check the settings if you use “/network”, the bot will also alert you if you are trying to tip too little when you call “/tip”

Checking your balance
You can check your balance in one of aeternity’s blockchain explorers or asking the bot to show you your /balance

You can ask the bot to show you your private key with “/getprivatekey” in case you want to make a backup of your wallet or use it in a different location. For security reasons the bot will refuse to show you the private key in a group, so please start a private conversation with the bot to get your backup key.

withdraw funds
You can send any amount of aettos (provided your balance covers the amount and the fee) to any public address, this is useful if you want to tip less than 1 AE, though we do not recommend it due to the current value of AE. To do this you use “/withdraw ak_account ammount” you can use the word ‘max’ as the amount to have the bot send you your full balance to another account.

While I tend to make the server secure there are many things I can’t forsee and it wouldn’t be fair if I don’t warn you that, as with any hot wallet, you should keep the amount of AE you have in the bot’s wallet to an amount you feel confortable with and never use it to store a lot of money.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding this bot please leave me a comment, I would like to know what you think about it

Update July 14th, 2019:
Now the text added after the tip amount either in direct tip or reply tip will be stored as payload to the spend transaction in the blockchain.


Explorer Aepps | criesca’s mw explorer | AEKnow.org explorer

Please note the payload field is a base64 encoded field with the following format:
ba_[base64 encoded string]
Also note that the encoded string is made up of the [payload text] + [4 byte checksum]
So the last 4 bytes of the decoded string are checksum characters and shouldn’t be displayed.

As of the date of this post only the Custom middleware explorer and AEknow explorer support showing the decoded payload directly.

Best regards,
Cristobal E.


That’s interesting~~

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That is so cool @Kryztoval

Thank you so much!
Now we have a cool way to express our appreciation using the AE token.

Thanks for your work,

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Great work. Great community member! :blush::+1:t2:


Awesome…Some peeps from my aeternity meetups are gonna be so happy about this…I am also up for tips here ak_q6igZ31Y93VXU8PvAY4VvbUeMGbNnkj9XgU9XF1VEtsFo1TSC ![:sunglasses:]

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@Kryztoval what amount do I need to put in for withdraw if I want to withdraw exactly 1Æ ? is there a tool available for unit conversion or generally an information available what units we are using in Æternity? haven’t found such information yet

@Kryztoval how hard would it be to port this bot to forum? Just curious:)

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The withdraw command is in aettos, so 1ae times 10exp18 or 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 = 1000000000000000000

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I don’t know what forum software this is. Do you have that detail?

the bot works in telegram, and it tips using the telegram username, not a wallet address.

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It’s probably Discourse forum software

I am gonna check it out, and see if I can figure out how to do something that works with discourse.

Finally the bot is here, nice initiatives


Please people. the bot uses Telegram Usernames, Not public addresses! T_T

Do we need to create a new telegram group, or stick to the official aeternity telegram group…because i spoke with Erik some weeks back, he said we can create a telegram group for my community and can tip them for completing tasks, ( both online and offline)

Will go through it with you when you organize your next meetup

you can create your own group for this or use the main one, or even start a chat with the bot in private. (=


Okay! I will keep them informed

Super cool, i will give it a try

Hey @Kryztoval can we make the withdrawals from the bot to be in AE, not aettos? I think this will be more user-friendly.