Æternity Universe Two Hæckathon – Community Choice Award VOTE LIVE 🔥 (win up to 5000 Æ)

The Æternity Universe Two Hæckathon has started remotely and will end with the grand finale on September 17-18 in the CryptoCastle in Germany !

$15,000 (1st place)

$8,000 (2nd place)

$5,000 (3rd place)

Join now👉 https://universe-two-haeckathon.devpost.com
Find A Team👉 Discord


Hi everybody,

this week is dedicated to the Universe Two Hæckathon. We have some presentations upcoming that you shouldn’t miss!

Today (Tuesday, 23.08.2022) we start with a Welcome & Introduction session presented by @marco.chain Every presentation will be uploaded on YouTube and linked on the DevPost page in case you can’t make it. After each session we have planned some time for Q&A.

The link to each presentation will be posted on Discord right before it starts.

We’re looking forward to see you!


Ask here directly and/or join our Discord server and get in touch with @marco.chain and other developers!


Hey everybody,

in case you missed todays presentations don’t worry. We uploaded all of them on YouTube, check out the following playlist:

Upcoming presentations

This Friday, 26.08.2022 we will host another 3 awesome presentations :slight_smile:

Time (CEST) Title Presenter
06:00 PM Superhero DEX: How to add liquidity for your preferred token @keno.chain
06:45 PM How to make an NFT on æternity blockchain using AEX-141 @marco.chain
07:30 PM Create your dApp with our Web3 Starter-Kit @zixdevbadiifaoui.chain


Join our Discord server and get in touch with Marco and other developers!

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All presentations we now available in the playlist:

I also created a dedicated GitHub repository for the Hæckathon:

And I can’t remember all participants often enough:

  • Join our Discord server and get in touch with us directly!
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Hey everybody,

we want to remind you to take the opportunity to join the Hæckathon Finale on-site at the CryptoCastle at a unique location where you also have the chance to meet some of the æternity developers in-person!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the castle, you can also finish your project remotely .

Please let us know by submitting this form (open until 04.09.2022) if you want to join the finale on-site at the CryptoCastle :slight_smile:

Some of you have already submitted the form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to clarify all the details!


Join our Discord server and get in touch with Marco and other developers!

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Get started with 100 Æ coins per team member!

Hey everybody,

we want to encourage all teams to check out æternity features (e.g. claim AENS names) and to deploy their final solutions on mainnet. Therefore we decided to hand out 100 Æ mainnet coins for each team member!

How to receive the Æ coins?
All you have to do is reply to this forum thread and provide us following information about your Hæckathon project:

  • Project Name
  • Project Description
  • Info about team members
    • (Nick-)Name (real name would be cool, too ;))
    • DevPost-Link
    • Æ-address of every team member (+50 Æ extra if you provide an AENS name that points to the account address)
  • Are you looking for additional team members?

We’re looking forward to hear about your ideas and learn more about the active developers in our community! :slightly_smiling_face:


Join our Discord server and get in touch with me and other developers!


Welcome to our humble team - Minternity :tada:

Hi :wave:t3:
We’re Vagish and John - our goal is to make NFTs on Aeternity accessible to everyone.

We want to handle the complexities of minting NFTs while users focus on their art, community engagement and utility.

With Minternity, you’ll be able to launch and manage large scale NFT projects on Aeternity with ease.

Features will include:

:white_small_square:API for minting NFT’s on your own website
:white_small_square:Intelligent dashboard with analytics
:white_small_square:Payments processing and automation

We have the Minternity[.]com domain and @Minternity Twitter handle secured.

My colleague, Vagish Vela is a strategist, developer and entrepreneur. I, John Kamal also am an entrepreneur and run a crypto news and education website.

We’re also glad to say that we are now the proud owners of the Minternity.chain and UnchainedMedia.chain AENS names. Vagish’s devpost is Vagish Vela's (VagishVela) software portfolio | Devpost while mine is John Kamal's (web3john) software portfolio | Devpost.

We really look forward to the haeckathon and presenting our idea.

Team Minternity :infinity:


Thanks for sharing, we can’t wait to see your presentation!


Thanks for introducing your project to us! As promised you and your team member receive 100 AE each plus additionally 50 AE because you provided the AENS names and had set an account-pointer. Love it, awesome! :slight_smile:

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Due to requests from different teams on Discord we decided to extend the submission deadline for further 24 hours.

Also we now published the Project Gallery with all (currently) valid submissions. We got a lot of others which are either not finished or just spam or sth. completely unrelated to æternity.

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Thanks everybody!

Over the past ~1,5 months we had in total ~150 participants in the Æternity Universe Two Hæckathon. I wanna thank everybody for participating and I hope you had a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

Project Gallery

In total we got 34 submissions from which I had to filter out 22 projects. Please check out all the submissions in the project gallery.

These 12 projects are valid submissions and will be judged by @yani.chain, @benhus1337, @ae-omar & myself during the week and the winners will be announced next Monday, 26.09.2022!

The winners receive following prizes (payed in Æ):

  • 1st place: $15,000
  • 2nd place: $8,000
  • 3rd place: $5,000

Community Choice Award (Chance to win 5000 Æ!)

In addition to the official judgement there will be a community award of $2,500 (payed in Æ). We welcome the community to vote on their favorite projects to determine a winner :sunglasses:

The vote will be conducted with the Governance æpp which we have already used for important votes in the past.

The Community Choice Award Vote is available here:

In order to place a vote you need to connect your wallet (e.g. Superhero Wallet) and be connected to the mainnet.

Special Rules for Community Choice Award Vote
Each vote equals 1 point and for a vote to count, the voter has to own an account on the official æternity Forum (https://forum.aeternity.com) since July 2022 and paste their æternity address used for voting under the voting thread that the Sponsor will create and communicate across different channels (Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Forum). The sponsor will only count votes that meet this criteria and raffle 5000 AE among all community members that participate in the voting. The Submission that receives most votes according to this criteria will be the winner of the Community Choice Award.

Key points:

  • 5000 Æ (~$380) will be raffled among all voters
  • Each vote counts 1
    • we ignore voting weight
    • the result shown in the governance aepp can differ from the “real result” :wink:
  • We count only votes of Forum Members that have registered in before August 2022
  • Each voter needs to confirm their vote here in this thread by providing their AE address (otherwise the vote does not count)

The vote ends ~ 25.09.2022, 11 PM (CEST)!


  • If you face any problem with the Governance æpp please let us know here. It hasn’t been updated for a long time and we plan to refurbish and use it more often again now :wink:


This is definitely not the last Hackathon. Watch out for further news, we aim to run more Hackathons in the future and grow our developer community! :slight_smile:

We’d be happy if you continue building your projects or even other projects on æternity. As @yani.chain keeps repeating:

æternity is still waiting for the killer æpplication!

Here some ideas to develop:

There is definitely a huge opportunity for everybody out there to build the killer æpplication on æternity!



to all the voters for the Community Choice Award => don’t forget to past your æternity account address here in this thread! :wink:


I’m @Bigtree.chain from Chinese community. Here’s my AE address. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Amazing work everyone, lots of cool projects in there




Great, good news !! ak_2afFBGGeq8X1G66Gi8Vxz4BcxgEcvEWxRd51CJiRncD9QrDVe9




Wow, that sounds good.

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:wave: :wave: :wave: :love_you_gesture: :heart_hands: :man_red_haired:

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Hold my beer - I am in :smiley: