AEX 8 - Message Signing

Discussion for AEX 8:


This is amazing, the only thing I am missing now is the ability to encrypt a message having only the public address so the owner of that address can open it.

This would be super useful for, say, file (photo, music, ebooks, other sales) sharing where you get a payment and you send the address to download it encrypted to the address that paid.

Or as a cool way to make a private and secure chat, so you are really sure that only the one that generated the vote or the transaction can read the message.



the only thing that we need to define in this case is what should be the numeric prefix.
The node already has a few prefix (both numeric and string) that uses for represent some data,
eg. for an account address ak_123... is identified by the prefix “ak_” and by 1 when serialized:

shall we make sure to use a value for prefix that will not used in the node context or do you think it would be irrelevant?

I’m not sure this is relevant in this context. This proposal doesn’t handle serialisation, it’s only about the signing of the message, which happens without the prefix anyway I assume?