Week #20 - AirGap Update


In week #20, the AirGap/Papers team has been working on the following tasks.

AirGap Wallet

  • ionic 4 upgrade extensive testing & bug fixing - release planned for week #21
  • ongoing work on pending transactions for outgoing and incoming transactions

Chrome Extension

  • ionic 4 upgrade extensive testing & bug fixing
  • bug fixing & testing related to injection and account handling of æternity accounts as well as simultaneously active æternity and Ethereum accounts
  • æpp permission request testing and styling of the page
  • deployed the identity provider PoC to GitHub pages to allow testing of the interaction between the Extension and the provider



AirGap Wallet Chrome Extension v.2.6.0

  • initial AirGap Wallet Chrome Extension release with support for æternity - You can download the release from the AirGap Wallet GitHub release page and test æternity with the identity provider PoC linked above.

Week #20 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update