[AMA] Core Team Ask Me Anything | AMA | 14/10 at 5pm CEST

We have released the new roadmap and we are having a corresponding AMA session!

:spiral_calendar: October 14th, 2022

:alarm_clock: 05:00 PM CEST

:movie_camera: æternity YouTube Channel

AF welcomes open dialog & real-time connection with Open Source technology contributors - prepare your questions & see you all LIVE soon!

Great! Do we know know already who will be present to answer the questions of the community?

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Yep, @uwiger, Sean Hinde, @loxs and I. Maybe @zxq9 would join us as well.

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Join us tomorrow 5:00 PM CEST for the Ask Me Anything Session with the Foundation’s Core Developer Team on Youtube! :tv: :speaking_head: