Any suggestion how to build a mining pool for AE mining?


Hello, I see that the mainnet of AE will launch shortly, and I would like to set up a pool for mining AE coins. We have a glowing community with more than 2000 miners, many of them are very interested in AE project. So please provide some advice for building a AE pool. Thanks.


Hey @rlinxy,

Please refer to these two topics: What is the ae-team’s attitude and measures for the mining pool? and Will there be mining pool from ae team?.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
The AE Team


Is that means that no mining pool will be in the future, since cuckoo cycle is not friendly to calculate the one’s shares in mining pools.
Thus everyone should mine on its own, and no mining pools.
That’s a situation that no coins have ever faced, since only organised and big farm means high total hashrate secures the whole network.
What’s the solution to this?
Just mine by one’s own?


I am also interested in hearing more about this topic. I am planning on mining æternity when mainnet launches, only with 1-3 GPUs in gaming/office rig. However, if it will be difficult/impossible to establish pools, I am concerned about hashrate, security and profitability.


Hey @yanbosmu and @mrbeery,

There is a draft for a stratum specification here: