Basic NFT - Non Fungible Token

Greetings Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to the Basic Non-Fungible Token template.
It does all basic functions:

  • Mint
  • Burn
  • Approve
  • Transfer

The safe transfer is not added because of these templates which I am submitting like more of a working exercise for new users however it is simple to implement this function and if you can understand the template then you can easily create a new mapping.

Please let me know if there are improvements that require in this.
In two days I will add this template to the Aeternity Studio templates git pull request .


What’s the difference between this and AEX9

Hello Baixin,

AEX9 refers to the standard of Fungible Tokens, Where each token has the same value anywhere.
On the other hand, this makes each token unique with its own free value.

For example, AEX9 is a single type of currency (Like $1 USD for every token. 100 tokens = $100 USD)
All tokens can be recognized as their unique string (Like Dai, BNB, Baixin, etc., and all can be minted by you or transferred at huge amounts)

This: $1 USD for one token you hold and another one you hold can be a million dollars worth (Depends on the use case of course) on the same contract.
Each token can be recognized in its own unique string (Like one can have the name Baixin the other one can have Chain as a name and both can belong to you or one to someone else which you can choose to transfer, etc.)

Jeevanjot Singh.


Because of no further discussion, I have added the contracts in the pull request

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Thanks for building and sharing! Look forward to trying this out.


thank you @Boone