Blockchain Open Class in Bogotá Colombia

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow will be our first official activity thanks to the local blockchain community of Bogotá :smiley:

We have been invited to participate in the third season of the Blockchain Open Class in the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. This is an space taken of an engineering course dedicated to talk about current projects of decentralized apps and its technological approach.

As we have around 30 minutes of intervention, I will make a brief introductory explanation about the advantages of Aeternity and the challenges that it resolves over other protocols, its relevant features, running projects that addresses real world solutions, and the ecosystem of opportunities around this blockchain project. I hope to have enough time to make a demonstration of the development lifecycle of daepps and smart contract deployment through a local development environment.

This is the link of the event. I will continue with this thread to share videos and pictures of this Blockchain Open Class.



Hello folks!

We had a great time in the Blockchain Open Class in Bogotá!.

About 70 people assisted to this meetup last saturday 29 of february in the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Initially we had 30 minutes to talk about aeternity, but finally we could take almost one hour to discuss about possible use cases and initiatives from the public, resolve questions about security of smart contracts related to the aeternity naming system, and run a demonstration of contract deployment through aeproject to the local and testnet for the MemeVote daepp. At the end of the activity, we had some networking time, and some of the assistants where interested to connect to the community and go deeper with the project. So we have more members in the Telegram chat that recently increased its activity :smile: and possibly we will make a coffee meetup to discuss some ideas and projects that where mentioned in the channel.

Accodingly Ana María Moreno, from the UxTIC network. The Blockchain OpenClass is an initiative from the local blockchain community of Bogotá that uses a current course of the Systems Engineering Carreer of this University, which objective is to give to the student tools to comprehend the concepts and principles associated to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, to make comparsions between different protocols and undestand which is the best choice to specific use cases. This experience had been succesfully replicated in 12 universities last year with the support of organizations like UxTIC and Rumbo.

Whit this participation that we have made in this OpenClass, we opened the oportunity to work alonside to this initiatives and strenghten the local community around this technologies and incentivate the knowledge and apropiation of AEternity.

Here are some pictures, in the next update I’ll post the entire video.


Hey @snaphuman.chain thank you for the highlights, tell us a bit more about the use cases discussed.

Invite the new members to join us here in the forum too :upside_down_face:

Great job!!

Awesome! Just for curiosity, did you do some sophia coding in the fire editor, too?

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You should add some basic analytics to the editor :slight_smile:

Hey Nikita! thanks for asking.

At this opportunity, I made a demonstration of the MemeVote daepp by using the Aeproject operations for deploying the contract in the local and test networks. Unfortunately I did not got deeper in the smart contract development, as I focused in the application architecture and code structure by using the Github repo.

As this was an introductory meetup, we want to go further in daepps and smart contracts development in future meetps, so for sure we will use the FireEditor to do sophia coding :smile:

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Vanessa hi!

I still waiting for the video of the meetup to make a transcript of the use cases discussed that day. As this meetup generated a lot of interest in the the assistants, we will do a second meetup to open the scenario for discuss more about use cases with AEternity. This is the post of the Coffe Meetup Coffee Meetup in Bogotá, now turns Virtual. Let me know if you want to join us :wink: .

We are inviting also the community of the Telegram channel in Español, so any one can participate of this meetup :smile: Hope to see you there!


Hey @snaphuman.chain thanks for the invitation, will be a pleasure join the meetup.

I can help you to share the meetup to the hispanic community :wink:

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Hi @vanessa.chain, that would be great!

Thank you very much for sharing it to the hispanic community. It will be a pleasure yo meet you and have you all there! :slight_smile: