BOUNTY: Help Take Down the Scam Impersonating æternity HR and Team Members

Hello all,

We have recently learned of a scam where a fraudster impersonates æternity HR in emails, social media or text messages, informing the intended victim that they are shortlisted for a position.

To get more personal information of the intended victims, the fraudster tried to get in touch with them through unsolicited social media or email accounts.

You should note that the only official email account for HR matters is [email protected].

For clues and evidence which would allow a successful criminal investigation æternity Establishment has set aside a bounty of 1000 AE Tokens that will be rewarded on its discretion and for legally compliant tips.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hello all,

The bounty for clues and evidence that would allow us to catch and investigate the scammer, was just increased to 10,000 AE tokens.

As we have already informed you, there is an ongoing scam where a fraudster impersonates æternity HR.

Please share with us any information you have.

And please be aware that any communication on HR-related issues, should only happen via the following email: [email protected].



I have information I believe would be helpful. How should I proceed? Thanks, Meredith

Thank you @Merf, please write to [email protected].

kindly give the detail or the link of one of the advertisement we can try to do some reverse and social engineering to fraudester.

The scammers are mostly contacting people via email.

do you have any contact of attacked individual?

Hey all,

We just got testimonials of yet another affected user. Please see below:

This is the fraudulent job position of a CMO that’s been posted on LinkedIn - if you stumble upon it, please report it as a scam:

It’s been advertised by a LinkedIn user named Jess Granone:

If you get contacted by him, please report him to LinkedIn.

This is how the scam works: this person contacts people on LinkedIn, probably based on their profiles and informs them that they have been shortlisted for a job interview with æternity Crypto Foundation. They are then referred to a Telegram account impersonating AE’s HR manager Olga Polischuk. Please see below:



Their website is

Here’s what the affected user shared with us:

“She” then tried to get me to send $2,000 via Venmo to a personal account for a Mac. The website for the company’s “preferred vendor” of IT products is a spoof of a website of an actual legitimate company based in the Phoenix area that is a preferred vendor to a lot of large companies. The scam artists emailed me a fraudulent bank draft that was deposited in my business checking account yesterday via my mobile banking app."

We are grateful to everyone coming forward and helping us hunt those scammers down.

Please be vigilant.