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Re: Proposed Q&A site for all æternity developers and the community that are interested in building the æternity blockchain platform.**

Attn: @ae-omar @aniputapet.chain

As requested and promised - here’s my two cents for getting traction on Stack Exchange.


The Stack Exchange’s forum post (linked above) starts off with stating that it is important to get aeternity / deapp developers “the support they deserve when they start to work with æternity”

Ironically, this pivotal msg is undermined when ppl who are not part of the tech side of the ecosystem have their non-dev inquiries ignored and are robotically told to support the Slack Exchange. (ie: Getting the opposite of support they deserve.) Ditto re: the put-downs of entire audiences with continual mass msgs labeling all those just seeking answers (overwhelmingly to legit questions) complainers.

Instead — my suggestions (take any or none at all as you see fit):

  1. Go thru sm, chats, forums, emails – and send a short, private msg to those that have asked questions about anything tech related. Intro yourself. Let them know their questions matter, that they matter - that you want to get them the support they deserve and empower the community to build better together. Give them the steps needed at this stage for Stack Exchange.

  2. Follow up with every developer that participated in the recent hackathon. Write them individually and ask them about their project. Let them know you appreciate their participation and would like to invite them to continue the convo / learning / building on Stack Exchange and the steps to get it going.

  3. Reach out to the startups that have built / are building on ae – whether that be via Ventures, proposals to the Foundation, or otherwise. Write them individually and let them know that you know they / their projects need tech and community support… And that Stack Exchange is a real effort to bridge those needed support gaps.

  4. Have a global all-hands-on-deck virtual call (not mass email) with aembassadors / group leads in China, India, Africa – anywhere active groups are building on AE are - and talk to them openly about how to help each other develop on AE better. Talk about a Stack Exchange as the shared space to solve, share, disseminate new dev info / materials in a way that is streamlined vs each their own across dozens of platforms. Vow to take the 30 second effort to use an online translation tool if needed to try to understand what someone has reached out to ask or share. Stop the name calling and blindly banning – point them to a resource in their native language (quick way to do that: set up a directory of all resources / platform links by language…), @ an aembassador that could help them, or simply paste the translation below theirs for the community to be inclusive.

  5. Feature a wkly blog story highlighting developers or community members (written in their own words!) from around the world and share it on the AE SM channels… Support community voices and encourage people to know about each other’s successes / perspectives / approaches. Start with asking a few ppl to do an blog story for AE on why they choose AE to build on, triumphs, hurtles, wants, how Stack Exchange could help… Publish them / promote developing on AE bottom up (community driven) vs top down (advertising pcs coming from AE)…

And general suggestions in response to the exponentially growing problem on the two SM platforms / groups I am a member of (the things that caused me to post the last month in a channel for the first time/s) —>

  • Answer questions openly and honestly… It’s better to say you don’t know or don’t have a public response than to reply with something completely unrelated or unfounded.

  • Be respectful… (ie: Don’t threaten to block someone for sharing a project they built on AE and are excited about - as was the case this morning on Telegram. Don’t use the clap emoji to support someone calling anyone else a troll. Don’t use the shrug emoji when someone is asking you a serious question about an issue that has affected him / her professionally or financially. Don’t argue with and belittle community members afar when they post about a 51% attack happening because you don’t see it on your side. Don’t have a bot telling the price every couple hrs and make fun of those that bring up the need to consider market / role market plays…) Support those in the ecosystem no matter where they are logging in from and support – support decentralization…

  • Don’t presume you know what others have / want / need or have done… Listen and/or ask.

What I say here and on the SM channel – I say bc I give a damn.

And with that – I am going silent again as frankly I am not sure I am helping and hurting in any way is not why I spent the time saying any of this.


sorry that I didn’t read the whole post. my opinion about it here:

  • we need developers, otherwise there will not be ANY story that non-tech people can write about. who do you think will build applications on top of aeternity?
  • a dedicated stackexchange for aeternity is the best thing that could happen in order to support any kind of question about aeternity. this doesn’t have to be tech only. it will be THE place to ask questions and (hopefully) get great answers
    • @ae-omar correct me if I am wrong. but as far as I know it will also be allowed to ask non-technical questions there, right?

for me there is absolutely no reason why a community member shouldn’t support this effort. I am feeling sad if really give a damn about the stackexchange site

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@marco.chain - obvs you did not read post bc its all about how to get traction for commits on Stack Exchange w specific suggestions to help drive ppl there… :slight_smile:

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then I am sorry! I read through your suggestions very quickly now and I think there is some very valuable content. thanks! :slight_smile:

(maybe I am already trying to defend everything mentioned because I am getting used to constant critics xD)

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Hi, @Leah thank you! Valuable points, and majority of them are already ongoing! Ofc, in the coming period, and especially during the Beta stage, even more engaging activities will be, but @ae-omar can tell more about it!

10x, and let’s keep this topic live, all suggestions are welcome!

Thanks @Leah for your time and your proposals for different matters related to aeternity but specifically for those around stackexchange proposal where I’m going to focus my response.

I can say that I’m personally involved and making actions related to most of the points in regards of SE. There is no other way that involving everybody. I’m the first one on saying that we don’t have to be gatekeepers and that people need help to learn what they like and at their pace. It’s a challenge for all technical experts, yes.

Our proposal is going to be available and open to everybody interested in all the aspects that aeternity has but we need to start from the beginning and setup the basic ground; developers. Without them there isn’t any chance of building anything. Ideas are cool, but you need devs to build it the way you want it. That said our first target is among developers but not closed to.

As you said we are in touch with all hackathon winners and participants, in fact there is a discord channel (link here) where we do support and also encourage them to participate not because we want, but because we follow their questions, needs and understood that this it’s the way to help them learn, build and succeed.

I was personally talking with many of the active projects to understand where they are, how can we help them more and of course explaining about SE proposal.

Well, I think I told everybody publicly & privately, and I’ll keep this way until we succeed :slight_smile:

There is much more to do, it’s a challenge and probably better ways to do it we will learn about. I really hope that you and everybody else join us on this quest, let us know what could be done better, help spread the message and make this happen.

Bottom up, SE is going to be open to everybody, we need you and want you all with us and please, feel free to reach me out here or privately to see what could be done better.


PS: @Leah I do hope to see you committed to the SE proposal :slight_smile:

PS2: If somebody says it part of the ae community it should follow and commit to this proposal