Call to action: JS cracks / Angular devs - the editor needs your wisdom!

Hello everyone, a quick call to action. Releasing the Editor with new features in Angular 9 is blocked because of this.

My question to you: Here is the UI library’s source and build command, how can I use the build output as a module? Copy-pasting the generated content of the dist directory to the dist dir of the module’s folder in the editor project gives me errors.

Background: As 99% of the editor’s code was written by me alone and I did not want to spend too much time on the UI, I used an Angular implementation of the Semantic UI , being this package - which is slightly outdated now.

Long story short: Angular 9’s runtime template checks throw errors in the console (everything runs fine though, just super annoying!).
( You can see it happening in this branch,, just $ npm install and $ ng serve, then click random stuff / deploy a contract till your console is flooded.)

As this really doesn’t look good, I (at least) need to fix the module’s template by bypassing the template check with the new $any( ) syntax and rebuild the library.

@albena.chain , @erik.chain and others: Please tag Angular people if you remember any, I know we had some around here. Maybe @martingrigorov.chain, @philipp.chain and @nduchak.chain can pinpoint me to something obvious that I’m missing, feeling kind off clueless here.


I remember @Mike was asking for help with Angular: Using AeProject with Angular


Maybe @GabrielEscorche and @hasan.chain can also help here.

@albena.chain I think you tagged it wrong.I don’t know angular

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Issue is solved by now, one needs to run npm pack in the dist directory of the built package, and use that .tgz file as a source for the module in the package.json of your project. thank you everybody !