Using AeProject with Angular

Hi Guys,

Trying to build a dæpp with angular 7. So far have been able to deploy and set up node. But cant seem to access my aeternity module in my component. Anyone else build with angular? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!


Hi Mike!

You could check which is a boilerplate for a daeep that works with an identity provider. The FireEditor is a more advanced form of an angular daepp that does not uses identity provider as itself uses the Universal flavor to connect to the chain. So both architectures are different. You can check the different flavors available to connect to the chain and use them accordingly to needs.

In your AEGameTrader you inted to use Aepp approach as you are defining the Wallet object [L53], but Im not sure about the import you make of the Aepp object. With this approach you will need to separate the identity provider that instantiates the Wallet object and implement the Aepp part with the contract calls. The most common way to integrate this parts are through an iframe that embeds the Aepp and allows the communication between each other via RPC. In other words, the wallet can call the contract methods defined in the Aepp confirming the transactions with the provided identity.


Hey @Mike can you confirm whether you found a solution, please?

Maybe @nikitafuchs.chain can provide some support.

Hey @Mike , sorry to hear you’ve got issues. I’ll be glad to help, as there are some twists to take in regard. To play it safe, I would take the Universal Flavor for now. I’m on the run til late today but will try to squeeze in some support fir you later or tomorrow, I’m only on the phone right now.


I apologize for the absence. I’ll be working on the project for the next couple days if you all are available

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