Can I write a contract that talks between the chains?

Specifically i’m wondering if I can put the majority of the contract on Aeternity with just a kind of a lookup in Ethereum? Probably using something like IPFS addresses.

That could allow me to do a lot more stuff. Does this work for Aeternity’s EVM support as well? Like could I code this in Solidity?

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totaly you can

@Fee.chain any more insight on how to do it?

As far as I understood it’s mostly about securing the child chain and mining, not about building smart contract bridges between the two chains. Check the FAQ here and the whitepaper here

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The most convenient way to organize the election process is to create a smart contract on the hyperchain,
which would manage the stake and evaluate PoF penalties. This contract shall be referenced in the protocol,
and its interface should be specified there. It is advisable that the contract be adjusted by regular calls on
the fly — this could prevent some protocol–level hard forking. If the VM supports it, the contract could
also forcefully alter the blockchain state (e.g. by using some internal Merkle tree framework).

I can’t tell if this is talking about communication between the chains, or just for the contract.

In either way you have to be running both nodes right to do this right?

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I’m just bumping this because I hope that now some more info about Hyperchains is coming out there will be more discussion on if this is possible or not.

I mean ultimately Hyperchains has to require a node from the other chain right?