[Completed] AEKnow.org improvements and AEKnow.chain development proposal

Thanks very much for the Æternity Crypto Foundation’s support in the last year, so AEKnow.org could keep running in a stable status.

Here is my proposal about two related projects: aeknow.org and aeknow.chain.

Application Status

Status: Completed on 21.05.2021, approved on the 18.05.2020, Submitted on 12.05.2020
Last updated: 12.05.2020
Team: AEKnow
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: in ~12 weeks.

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title


About me: Liu Yang from AEKnow

Value Application

New features for AEKnow.org :

  • Full support AEX-9 tokens,such as transaction details, balance, and provide a balance API; AEX-9 token might be an important role in the whole Æternity ecosystem.
  • Decode some valued aepps’ onchain operations, such as SuperHero, Wetrue; which makes the operations more transparent for all users.
  • A birdview guide for developers, which might be valuable for new developers.
  • A submit-list mechanism for aepps listing, which could provide a clear aepps map for users and developers.
  • Performance optimizing, especially the exploring speed of the contracts.


  • Assets management. Fill the blank of PC-based wallet, and some convenient fuctions have been integrated, such as ONE-CLICK deploying AEX-9 tokens or other contracts. Which is user friendly for non-technical users, pushing Æternity to more people.
  • Chaet. AENS based decentralized chatting system, which might boost the AENS and user base of Æternity.
  • Haeme. AENS based decentralized website, which could never be shutdown, which could promote the popularity of AENS and Æternity.
  • Files. Similar with Haeme but focus on filesharing.
  • Messages. Similar with Haeme but with a relay.

Definition of Terms

AEKnow.org is a continuously improving Æternity blockchain explorer with rich data demonstration.
AEKnow.chain is an Æternity based decentralized data and value exhange network(SNS fo r users);

Status Quo

AEKnow.org has been running stably since the very beginning of Æternity’s mainnet, and improvements are needed.
AEKnow.chain is in the early stage, and there is a demo version.

Required Work

For AEKnow.org:

  • Aesophia_http will be deployed in the spider server for decoding contracts.
  • Contracts transactions will be stored in a dependent table in the database with details.
  • Submit-list function will be added to the site for listing new aepps.
  • Polish the dashboard for developers.

For AEKnow.chain:

  • Finish Chaet firstly, polish Assets and Haeme.
  • Deploy 2-3 seed servers for Chaet’s pubsub and Haeme’s web gateway.
  • Compile, test and pack AEKnow.chain in 4 OS platforms: FreeBSD, Linux(Ubuntu), MacOS and Windows.
  • Start building aeknow.chain community, spreading aeknow.chain, AE and AENS.
  • Finish Files and Messages.


  1. AEKnow.org: 100~120 hours.
  2. AEKnow.chain: Hard to estimate, maybe 160+ hours.

Known Limitations

  • AEKnow.org: It runs stably and will run better.
  • AEKnow.chain: Assets, Haeme, Files and Messages should run well as expected. Chaet relies on the pubsub function of IPFS, I am not sure about the performace in large users scene.


  • AEKnow.org: A stable Æternity blockchain explorer with rich data demonstration,.
  • AEKnow.chain: In ~20 months, it grows up to an Æternity based SNS platform, with 3k+ users.


AEKnow.org and AEKnow.chain had been published to github:

And I am glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


The code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing it. As always: Issues · jdgcs/aeknow · GitHub


Great project, Dr. Liu we look forward to your work.


Thanks very much and I’ll keep moving forward.

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We need to use aeknow every day. Please carry it forward.


Thanks very much~!

Awesome projects! When release AEKnow.chain?

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Could you please inform us why do you need 6 servers to rent for these projects? Can they not run on one server or cloud? How many users/transactions do you have per day/month on AEKnown? Do you have some performance problems?

Thanks for your attention~AEKnow.chain is in heavy coding now, you could try a rough version in Windows : Releases · jdgcs/aeknow.chain · GitHub

It was planned to release the first stable version in Q3-Q4, 2020.

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Thanks for your attention, I’ll give a brief report of my application here.

1. Three middle-performance cloud servers for AEKnow.org, the block explorer.

AEKnow.org is the first Æternity block explorer, with the most versatile functions, mainly thanks to the great support of Æternity Crypto Foundation and the supports from community in the last year. AEKnow.org was born in a mess of scripts right after the launching of the mainnet in 2018, in my personal server. It was firstly designed for miners and enthusiasts of Æternity, after winning a dashboard bounty(Blockchain Dashboard Bounty Winners! - #3 by LiuYang.chain), it became more popular, and more requests came from community. Then AEKnow.org was seriously designed and implemented as below:

After that, I applied the first grant from Æternity Crypto Foundation(Announcing a Donation to the AEKnow.org Project) for the three servers, each server acts different roles in the block explorer. There is a brief middle term report of AEKnow.org(Grant follow up report from Æknow.org), and the current users data shows as below(From AEKnow.org’s CDN Cloudflare):

1.1 The requests of AEKnow.org per month.

1.2 Web traffic requests by country.

1.3 Threats data.

There are some performance issues in the current structure, but they might be optimized from the software side, so I apply for the grant of three servers AGAIN, for another 12 months. And I’ll keep pushing the growth of Æternity’s ecosysytem with AEKnow.org and AEKnow.chain, hope that the potential business of a block explorer could support AEKnow.org itself or even be profitable, with the blooming of Æternity’s ecosysytem in the next 1-2 years.

2. Two low-performance servers and one Macbook for AEKnow.chain, the SNS aepp.
AEKnow.chain was desgined as decentralized as possible, with careful thinking. There were attempts to build aepps suchs as A simple predicting market, but considered the Single Point of Failure(AEKnow.org) and legal issues, it was abandoned. A PC-based wallet is the legacy(PC-based Waellet is almost ready, please give me feedbacks).

As the decentralization of AEKnow.chain, there is no need for any server in theory. But in the early stage, stable SEED noedes are essential for the booting up of the whole network. So a seed node of IPFS and a web Gateway server are in my plan, and the performance requirements of the two servers is low.

For non-technical users, a pre-built package is necessary. Windows, MacOS and Linux have the absolute advantage in the desktop operating system, and I should compile, test, package AEKnow.chain for each operating system in different way. I have Windows latop, Ubuntu workstation and FreeBSD NAS, but no MacOS based computer for the deployment of AEKnow.chain. So a MacOS computer is in the applying list.

Thanks again~

Best Regards,

Liu Yang

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@LiuYang.chain Your Application has been approved by the AF Board. Thank you!

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Thanks very much for the support!

I’ll keep moving forward as always.


Really good news.

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Thank you!

Weekly report #1 Tracking AEX-9 token (2020.06.01~2020.06.07)

# Content Project Time
1 Desgin a new table token for AEX-9 token AEKnow.org ~1 h
2 Design and code the second version AEX-9 spider with dry-run function AEKnow.org ~12 h
3 Import current AEX-9 tokens(~45280 rows, in ~3 days) into new table AEKnow.org ~3 h
4 Test and deploy new wallet page, API of token with token through new table AEKnow.org ~2 h
5 Design and write a new page in Haeme with markdown, for recording Dev reports AEKnow.chain ~1 h
Summary Tracking AEX-9 tokens is the main work of the last week, the hard part is that how to get the right token balance of each account in realtime; several ways had been tried and a workable way was found with the inspiring of philipp.chain. Tracking AEX-9 token spider had been done partly, and it should be tested and deployed next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~19 h

Excellent, waiting for your good news


Thank you~AEX-9 token’s demonstration and API should be online next week.

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thanks for the detail report! :grin:

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Thank you for report #1 @LiuYang.chain. It’s a very good update of the first week!


Weekly report #2 Building primary AEX-9 token application enviroment(2020.06.08~2020.06.14)

# Content Project Time
1 Deploy the token spider, publish the spider code to a standalone repo AEKnow.org ~6 h
2 Build another realtime spider (<10 s) to update the balance of AE and AEX9 tokens in a quick way. AEKnow.org ~4 h
3 Polish and test the two spiders AEKnow.org ~2 h
4 Add contract_id to the tx table, update AEX-9 transactions recipient_id and token amount(scripts/update_aex9_token_info_once.php), and update Contracts.php model. AEKnow.org ~5 h
5 Update AEKnow.chain’s IPFS code base to 0.6-dev, and improved template,add edit function,no-cache, dns-prefetch… etc. AEKnow.chain ~3h
6 The AEX9 functions of AEKnow.chain was improved, with the realtime api(api/tokenlist) of AEKnow.org, mint,burn functions were added AEKnow.chain ~4 h
Summary A primary AEX9 tracking(AEKnow.org) and deploying(AEKnow.chain) environment has been finished in the past week, as pictures and links show. The balance API(example) and token tranfering tracking(example) can be used stably. And some small improvements have been implemented. AEKnow.org and AEKnow.chain will be polished for AEX9 in the next week. Participant: Liu Yang ~24 h


Wow. It’s going well. The aex9 token function has been improved.