[Completed] Box aepp improvements of the proposal

Hello colleagues of the Foundation, we are old friends, this time I brought a subversive product, I will make a brief introduction of it, in order to provide you to view and discuss

Application Status

Status: Approved on the 17.12.2020, Submitted on 17.11.2020, Completed on 23.03.2021
Last updated: 17.11.2020
Submited by Sun, Baixin, [email protected]
Team: Box aepp Team
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: in ~20 weeks.

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title

Box aepp : The ecological entry of infinite possibilities


Bai Xin

Value Application

Current functions are as follows

  • Support AE transfer, check the balance
  • Support AEX9 ABC(AEX-9 token) transfer
  • Support domain display latest, about to expire, etc
  • Support AENS registration, update, bidding
  • Support Defi pledge extraction and V1-V2 technical solution to produce ABC
  • Support account transaction record view
  • Support cold wallet, mnemonic word generation, mnemonic word login

Definition of Terms

AE blockchain technology is known to be powerful, but the surrounding ecosystem is much more dispersed and much less than the ETH ecological
Our Box aepp supports all AE basic function
And the feasibility of other contract functions, such as intelligent contract, can also be connected to other Box aepp and then THE AE ecology will be integrated into the entrance, you can quickly use Box aepp at the same time, using it and the surrounding ecological chain AE chain, forming the whole closed loop

Status Quo

Box aepp At present, the basic functions, decentralized wallet and user experience have been completed, which is not inferior to Base aep
p. Now it can be downloaded and used normally in the public test stage.

Required Work

My idea is to support a protocol similar to AEX2 while improving the basic functions, so that other aepps can be directly used in Box AEPP and become the entrance of ecology. The following works are:

  • All aex9 token transfers are supported
  • Supports decentralized exchange between AE and aex9 transactions (via contract)
  • Support other AEPP fast access Box AEPP
  • The Box team will also develop some features to use, depending on the market, of course


Box aepp : Hard to estimate, It may take our team half a year , Even forever

Known Limitations

At present, many people in The Chinese community have been using the server performance, because my later planning is the ecological entrance, similar to aEPP Store, which is almost the sum of the daily life of all the ecology, which requires a lot of performance of the server


This is a product that our team is almost fully committed to. The user experience of various details is the world’s top, including speed. In the future, I have the confidence to make it the hot style application of AEPP, so that all blockchain users can know it https://aebox.io/


Box aepp Published to GitHub, And I am glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


As long as AN AE is running here, I will always maintain it


need to check this out when I find the time :+1:


Is AE Box available now?

@Baixin.chain @marco.chain When the Box app can be used?

Access to web sites : aebox.io

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Great job, one of the few aepp. Thanks for contributing to the ecology. I am using it and the experience is very good.

Thanks for your support! I’ll try harder


Now it seems like that the program function is not much enough, I would like to ask what are the earned ABC tokens used for in the future, and if the locked AE tokens can be extracted,or will be burned? @Baixin.chain @Fee.chain @marco.chain

You can download it and try it out. You can save 1ae. Try it in this post and app. It is very clear about the function of ABC, which is the only pass-through of box and also an important part

I already download the box APK, just wanna ask what are the ABC tokens be mined used for,just like what you said the ABC tokens is the only Pass-through of the box,in that case what I asked is what is the box used for? @Baixin.chain @Fee.chain @marco.chain

All the following functions will be used around ABC, such as BNB.HT, or you say what BTC is used for, it seems that there is no clear definition, I can not answer you its specific value, but in BOX it is an important part, but also a symbol of status, such as ABC reach a certain number can use a certain function and so on

@Baixin.chain @marco.chain @Fee.chain I can’t create a chain name through the box,it showed as below.

As noted, domain name registration requires AE, please make sure your account balance is adequate

How many AE tokens does it take to register an account? @Baixin.chain @Fee.chain @marco.chain

It costs nothing to register an account. It costs money to register a domain name. The cost varies with the length of the domain name

How many tokens are needed to register a chain name approximately? @Baixin.chain @Fee.chain @marco.chain

Where is the video?

I’m refreshing it

Dear @Baixin.chain,
thank you very much for your very nice application and your commitment to support it forever. The application is approved by ACF Board. Please remove the video in your post (it is not working) and just put a link to it. Looking forward to get even more powerful aeapps from you! Nice to have you in the community!


Such a good market, you still have no movement? What does it mean?