[Completed] Cash-Flag: https://www.cash-flag.com

# Application Status

Status: Approved on the 27.07.2020
Last updated: 23.05.2020
Submited by Luis Rodríguez, sgcvzla.chain, [email protected]

Approved Budget (in h): 480
Used Budget (in h): 0
Planned Delivery: Sept. 2020

Category Open Source Development

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Value Application

What will become better and why? Why is your work beneficial for the aeternity ecosystem? (Please describe the impact of your project. How will your work impact the larger aeternity ecosystem? How does a successful contribution of your project look like?)

Cash-Flag will favor the mass adoption of Aeternity because it will be used to support a loyalty system and prepaid and gift cards, with projected growth an estimated monthly volume of 14,000 transactions per month after one year of operation.

Definition of Terms

What exactly are we talking about? Please describe your project.

It is a transactional platform to integrate B2B and B2C services that seeks to provide affiliated businesses with a tool to increase the Life Time Value of their client portfolio, offering their consumers benefits for being frequent buyers, as well as an alternative means of payment and others. services that facilitate business operations.

In its first stage, Cash-Flag, is a loyalty program supported by the issuance of prepaid and gift cards to be used in merchants affiliated with the platform, generating coupons of benefits for users that can be redeemed on the network.

Use a web application where the user will have a card holder and a coupon, can recharge, redeem coupons and consumption online or physically at affiliated stores.

For their part, affiliated businesses will have a desktop and web application where they can receive payments with cards from the platform (payment processor), recharge prepaid cards, sell gift cards, validate coupons and register new users.

Additionally, the platform has a payment button that can be integrated into any web page to process online payments.

Status Quo

What is now?

It is currently a prototype that will be tested in June 2020 when the pilot test begins in the first commercial premises captured.

Required Work

Steps to get to the goal…
Please list milestones and deliverables of your project.

June 2020: minimum viable product
September 2020 incorporation of blockchain as a support for transactions


Your time estimate in hours for the Project. Please do not put here Prices!
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120 hours until september 2020

Known Limitations

Will everything work as expected to solve the original problem?

Yes, this app will work as is expected


What happens after this project is completed?

After completing this project, the platform will be expanded incorporating other services such as satisfaction surveys to the community of registered users, promotions, integrations to points of sale and other business systems to increase the number of transactions, additionally the business, after it has been consolidated (stabilized in the initial market) will seek expansion to other markets.

Do you plan to populate your project? (For example creating a micro-web-page, social media updates, blog-posts, video-materials.)

Yes, already exists a web page: www.cash-flag.com and social networks accounts


Please confirm that your research and development will be published free of any proprietary license (open-source, open-access). Please provide a link to the GitHub repository of your open source project.

https://github.com/sgcvzla/app-cash-flag (app for web)
https://github.com/sgcvzla/cash-flag-com (Informative web )
https://github.com/sgcvzla/app-cash-flag-com (app for Android)


Please confirm that your research and development code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing it.

Yes. I agree


Hi @sgcvzla.chain
Thank you for your proposal.
The prototype webpage you mentioned www.cash-flag.com is in Spanish. Is it possible to be in English as well, thus more people can understand and generate more traffic.
Could you please also make the Estimate a bit more detailed measurable milestones?
Thank you.


Hi everyone

Please feel free to make comments here.
aeternity crypto foundation will based on the community discussion, evaluate and make a discussion soon.

Thank you.

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Hi @Tina
Thank you very much for your feedback.

Indeed, the page and the application were developed in Spanish because the main market is Latin American, starting with Venezuela, but taking care of your suggestion, we have started today the translation to have the WEB page in two languages (Spanish and English) to next week, as for the application, we can have it in both languages in the next 3-4 weeks afterwards because in the calendar we have other priority tasks for our pilot test.

Regarding the budget, tomorrow (06/12) I will send the most detailed information as you are requesting it.

Again I appreciate your interest


Hi @Tina
In this table you can see the details of time estimations
I am at your disposal to offer more information if necessary
Thank you

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Hi @Tina
As I promised you, today we are publishing our website www.cash-flag.com in Spanish an English, of course the principal language is Spanish because, as I said you two weeks ago, the principal target is in Latinoamerica
puedes ver este avance visitando www.cash-flag.com
Thank you


Thank you very much @sgcvzla.chain for your update.
We need to see the community reaction regarding this proposal. But the decision will be made soon according to that.

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@sgcvzla.chain seems very interesting specially for Southamerica were people really need alternatives to volatile FIAT currencies. One question: the value in this cards(prepaid, gift…) will be in AE or in what?


Hi @Manel , thanks for your feedback
Indeed, the Latin American market, especially the Venezuelan one, needs alternatives to cash and FIAT currencies so that the economy can flow more freely.

Currently the cards are sold in Bolivars and Dollars (FIAT), we hope with this project to start operating in AE in the shortest possible time.


that would be amazing! good job!

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AE, what’s the point of your life?

a truly usable public Blockchain for decentralized applications with no scalabilitiy limits?


Sorry @beijing, I don’t undersatnd your question?

The Cash Flag Team participated in the last hackathon we did in Venezuela, I know they are commited to deliver the final product . They have a well organized team of developers and I hope their product helps grow AE adoption in Venezuela.


That’s right @jcdelpino , our goal is to contribute to adoption in Venezuela and Latin America while offering solutions that help Small Bussines grow

@sgcvzla.chain has been working this project for more than a year, and has become a very experienced Aeternity developer, Cash-Flag join blockchain and real use case for many. I think it is important to support efforts like this one.


The idea is perfect and i see no issue with it at all. Also have no reason to doubt your ability to do the dapp and make it work. The two problems or hurdles i see is getting vendors on board, that is always an issue.

The second problem is the get it into ae currency. As i know most people know, trust and use bitcoin, so adoption of an unknown currency is slow and tedious.

We both know ae, but how many people in Venezuela knows ae and are there exchanges where they can buy it?


Thanks @Whyarewehere42.chain,

Indeed, you have identified a couple of risks of the project, but I tell you that we have a commercial strategy to attract businesses with a small own sales force and a structure of strategic allies that allows us to cover the largest possible territory and grow exponentially both in quantity of users as in consumption.

In addition, as a brand, we will carry out strategic marketing actions to promote the platform, we have strategies for the point of sale or affiliated commerce, they will receive financial incentives for attracting and consuming users on the platform.

The combination of our work as a brand, the sales force, the strategic allies and the businesses in a coordinated, oriented and controlled manner will give us the expected growth.

In response to the second problem, I tell you that we plan to use AE as the base currency for the platform, when affiliating businesses, an account will be created in AE where they will have to deposit and maintain a positive balance sufficient to pay the commissions, in this sense, each new Commerce will be a new user of AE and as its business grows, transactions in AE will grow.

Generally speaking, in our country the adoption of cryptocurrencies is growing, there are many users and formal and informal exchange platforms, in addition to several payment processors, for example: Cryptoway, Basichange, All authorized exchanges, Panda, Cryptobuyer, Pundix , mPandco, Localbitcoins, Swap4me, Coincola, Ccoins

From here we want to start the business and then expand it to other countries in Latin America.

I must clarify that Cash-Flag does not intend nor is it capable of unilaterally facing the challenge of adopting AE in Venezuela and Latin America, but we can provide a reliable solution with a clear growth strategy for the community.

It is for this reason that we need support to consolidate this platform in this region.


The app has started it first trial with real use case.


Hello @ivanubikalo.chain , that’s right, this weekend we gave induction to the staff of our first affiliated store and we are already coordinating the induction to two more stores that will be done later this week online.
We have not been able to generate more transactions because a radical 7-day quarantine period began for COVID 19, but we will resume from next Monday 07/13