[Completed] Distributed otc domain name trading system

Hello colleagues of the Foundation, we are old friends, This AENS trading system has been conceived by @LiuYang.chain his time is busy taking care of his children and I am responsible for the next development

We all know that AENS is an independent and decentralized domain name with infinite potential. However, there is a lack of other transaction providers in the ecosystem at present. The only way to obtain AENS is through bidding, and we need an off-market trading venue to purchase existing domain names. Easy to hype and create heat

Application Status

Status: Completed on the , 22.07.2022, approved on the 03.02.2022, submitted on the 13.01.2022.
Last updated: 13.01.2022
Submited by: Baixin, [email protected]
Team: Box Team
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
Planned Delivery: in ~25 weeks.

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Open Source Development

Application Title

AENS Distributed OTC System



Value Application

This trading system is currently lacking in ecology, and Aens also needs heat. Adding a decentralized field trading system could create buzz and fill the void without otc domain names

Definition of Terms

It will be a WEB site, or integrated with Box Wallet, which is an open source smart contract. There’s bidding, domain bidding, bidding, renewal, everything you can think of right now with AENS, and it’s all directly connected to the chain without worrying about security.

Status Quo

The technical research has been done, the initial idea has been implemented, and the development phase is now underway

Required Work

1.Complete the smart contract related development work
2.Complete the front-end display function (community vote to integrate in BoxWallet or redevelop Web pages, integrate super heroes)
3.Conduct the test phase. To the last release


It takes about three months to six months

Known Limitations

Staff development costs and server costs


Doing a good job in every product is our team’s original intention
This game will be like any other product, where interaction and usage habits are level one ,We will continue to update it with the latest news and maintain it


Box Wallet Published to GitHub, And I am glad to migrate the repository to Æternity’s github.


As long as AN AE is running here, I will always maintain it

AENS Bosses .
There should be a great need for this market to emerge


well done we need it!


Looking forward to seeing a functioning AENS marketplace! :railway_track:


If all ae teams have the execution like @Baixin.chain ; I believe the ae currency will be in the top 10。We can see aebox, the big growth in 2021


Great, it is a fantastic idea, let us do it.


Nice work :+1:


good idea.we need it!


AENs is very powerful and requires assignment.


@Bigtree.chain You have a lot of domain names, any good suggestions?

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Running water is never stale and a door-hinge never gets worm-eaten


This is very necessary. In fact, we look forward to the Aens trading system for a long time. I have suggested AE team to develop a Aens trading system, and unfortunately, the team said that this is not a priority. I very much agree with your thoughts, and I wish you can do it.


I will be one of its first users.

I think @marco.chain did some work in this direction in the past. :nerd_face:


yeah if you have any questions let me know @Baixin.chain! actually the respective examples are up to date now and I made sure that all required delegation signature functionalities you need are working now.


I really want to see this and I am happy to provide feedback! I also had some cool ideas regarding a contract that allows users to update names of other users where they still keep control over their names. everybody could provide some AE to the contract and set a fee they are willing to pay for somebody else that can then call an entrypoint which will extend the name of the other user. not sure if this is clear how I described it. I can also provide a step by step example how the flow would look like in case sombody is interested to tackle this, too. you’d for sure need to make sure that this “update” function can only be called ~ 10-50 blocks (maybe configurable) before the name would expire.

but an AENS marketplace is definitely more interesting than the “incentivized name updater”. just wanted to give some ideas to you and others what else could be done :sunglasses:


Thank you for your feedback. You mean there is a domain name abc.chain

This domain name belongs to Tom
Jerry wants to use abc.chain
Jerry pays AE to the smart contract (such as 500AE)
Jerry gets a one-year license to use the abc.chain domain name
After the expiration, abc.chain will return to Tom

I don’t know if I understand, is that what you mean?

no, regarding the name updater I mean sth. like this:

  • AENSUpdater contract is deployed
  • contract has an entrypoint where users can provide AE, AENS name and the required delegated signature which allows the contract to act on behalf of the user
  • the contract has an entrypoint that takes the AENS name as string parameter and which performs an AENS update for this name
    • everybody is able to call it
    • the caller will get a small portion of AE (provided by AENS owner initially) as reward for updating the AENS name

this is kind of the “simple flow” of this logic. there is of course many things to consider when providing such a contract. but generally this is the idea:

  • incentivize other people to update your names so that they never expire :wink:

actually I already worked on this in the past prior to Iris hardfork. but when I remember correctly I wasn’t able to to some stuff that I wanted so I dropped the work on this back then.

today everything in that regards is doable with delegation signatures, also updating pointers etc.


I see, this is a good idea hahaha

yeah I suggest you first concentrate on AENS marketplace :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe I will find some time to revisit the AENS updater in the near future. would you like to see that? :slight_smile:


That’s great. I’m looking forward to

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Good idea! Good Luck @Baixin.chain !