[Completed] Distributed otc domain name trading system

as we are speaking about AENS in general here I would like to get the opinion of the community about following issues on Github:

feel free to comment. ideally directly on Github :slight_smile:


I fully support solving those issues, especially pointers to arbitrary data.

the dot chain names have been aeternity’s original NFTs.


@Baixin.chain I just updated the Sophia examples repo to be compatible with the latest version of aeproject (v4.0.0-beta.3) that comes along with devmode.

if you wanna see how to deal with AENS delegation along with the latest version of the SDK you can have a look at these tests:


Recently we team worked out the rules of the contract and how to play it

AENS Market will carry out bidding dividend auction mode, which is an innovative way to play,We will give a recommended auction price for the initial domain name,Users will pay a 1% handling fee if they exceed the recommended price , The recommended price will be different for domain names of different lengths .For the time being, we will take 10 times of the main website auction price as the maximum recommended price,Above this price, a 1% handling charge will be charged

During the auction, any user can bid on a domain name, and the bid must be greater than 10% of the previous bidder’s fee,After bidding, the last bidder will receive 1% of the bidding fee,And so on, until no one bids

For example, Tom wants to sell one of his Tom.chain domain names
Intended to sell for 1000AE , At this time, Tom. Chain was repeatedly bid, a total of 10 times
Below is the bidding record for reference only:


Finish after, say, a week,When someone continues to raise the price will countdown 24 hours to start about 480 blocks, When the final block reaches the height, it is expected to close at the following price

For a total of 10.0 price increases, the seller gets 2186.49AE, the buyer spends 2593.74AE, and the bonus loses 164.31AE , and the platform fee 242.94AE (Part of the fee will go to the foundation)

This kind of play, will greatly stab into the auction, as long as not the last bidder, there will be income


Do you mean every bidder before the deal closes gets a bonus? This sounds really interesting. When will this domain name trading system be available for trial use?

Yes, as long as it’s not the last bidder, the previous bidder will return their bid and get 1% of the next bidder’s fee, It’s real-time. It’s in the contract ,The contract has basically been written and is being tested. It is expected to be officially launched around July this year



what about regular listings/sales and offerings? will it be possible to place an offer to somebody who can just accept the price then? or the other way around to set a name on sale for amount x and somebody could just accept it?

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Hi Marco, maybe there is something wrong with the translation, I don’t quite understand
You mean you can view all registered AENS
The user puts forward a quotation for the interested AENS, and if the owner accepts the quotation, the transaction will be concluded after direct confirmation, is that the case?

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I think I currently don’t understand the system you are building. do you have any (process) diagrams or any material which visually shows how the system works that you are currently implementing?

:face_with_peeking_eye:Let me think for a moment

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It’s time to get ready , Come on



Hello, everyone

@marco.chain @erik.chain @yani.chain @Bigtree.chain

The project has been completed and this is the final report @lydia