Hello everyone!

Just before the New Year is upon us, we are organizing another creative contest for the æternity community!

The contest is related to a fun tradition we have established in the æternity team. When someone goes to an interesting city, is close to a popular landmark, is at a cool conference, or sees something that makes an impression on them, they take a quick photo of it with the æternity logo in front.

We have been doing this for a while now and have generated a number of cool photos. It is really fun! Here are a photos that various team members took around the world:

The tradition was started by æternity’s Founder Yanislav and was quickly taken up by all team members. I am personally ALWAYS carrying æternity logos with me, wherever I go :slight_smile:

Here are the rules:

  • You should take a photo of an interesting background with the æternity logo in front.

  • YOU define “interesting”! It could literally be anything you wish - a nice view, a popular monument, your street, your Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas), your pet, an [family] event you are at, a selfie with your best friend, New Year celebration fireworks, a party, anything!

  • You can either print the logo (in color, please!) or use a device’s screen to display it. You can also use this sticker design and print your own æternity stickers!

  • Post the photo below in this topic together with your AE address (live net, of course!). You can create an AE wallet using AirGap Vault or the Base æpp. Both are mobile only.

  • Include information about the location where you took the photo! You can also add additional information about the photo if you wish,

  • Post as many photos as you want!

  • Forum users are welcome to vote on the shared images by liking them (pressing the little heart below each post).

  • The deadline is January 10, 2019, 23:59 CET

  • There will be 5 winners who will receive 50 AE each!

  • After the deadline passes the æternity team will consider the likes of each photo and take a final decision on the winners.

Have fun during the holidays and keep an æternity logo with you just in case the moment is right! :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to your submissions!

Have fun, community!

The AE Team

Праздничный розыгрыш от команды AE
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I took this picture on December 2016 a couple of months before investing in ae tokens!
This is a place called " The Oasis" located in the Gran Sabana (Venezuela), It’s as unique as aeternity, hope you enjoy the view.!

AE Address: ak_KKs4WjrWTy9EvwVLJqhdjqvAhBm8thsq9SSdS4TzmxLs5ot4u


æternity dog says ‘woof’!



Pictures taken from my home and office in Caracas-Venezuela

AE Address: ak_KKs4WjrWTy9EvwVLJqhdjqvAhBm8thsq9SSdS4TzmxLs5ot4u



AE of the world



picture from Notre Dame, Paris!
Happy holidays everyone! :unicorn::christmas_tree::clinking_glasses:

(I am not participating in the competition but wanted to send a greeting! :hugs:)


More pics from my front yard, I was trying to match the aeternity logo color!
AE Address: ak_KKs4WjrWTy9EvwVLJqhdjqvAhBm8thsq9SSdS4TzmxLs5ot4u


Hello! I from Ukrain, Kryvyi Rih city.
I have a dream to introduce blockchain into everyday life in order to remove bureaucracy and make our life easier.
I’ve been following the project for a long time, so we decided to spend Christmas with friends discussing the development of the project AE!
The photos were taken near the main sight of the city of Krivoy Rog.
The first photo is a Kozak monument. The symbol of the city.
The second is the main tree in honor of the holidays.
The third is the long-awaited next year.
The fourth photo is the biggest flower clocks in Europe. The diameter of the dial is 22 meters, the minute hand is up to 12 meters long. 22,000 flowers are planted here.
P.S. Check “likes” and I will make more photos with the logo of my favorite project ae in the next competition!

AE Address:


Nice pictures~





Here is mine for a beautiful view to “Sierras grandes”, from Villa Las Rosas in Cordoba, Argentina



Happy AE Holidays


Mountains - beauty, I want to go there :mountain: support my photo too :+1:
P.S. There are mountains in my country (UA), but it is very cold there :cold_face:.


thanks for the support :blush:




Great pictures! my friend.