At cephas inn kabale welcoming 2019,@aeternity
Kabale district Aplace,the Switzerland of Africa with mountain gorillas second deepest lake hilly place.

Ae blockchain the best innovative blockchain with oracles naming system oracles state channels.wonder full so I had to spend 10$ on my shirt with aeternity logo thumbs up a eternity to the moooooooooooon


Happy new year 2019 let’s join efforts to expand the aeternity ecosystem that’s my goal 2019 what’s yours, best of 2019 folks


Happy new year 2019 a eternity takes us


:hugs: Happy holidays :santa:! Very beautiful background :star_struck:. I like the photo! Support my photo too please


Happy new year aeternity FAM




Happy new year to you all at aeternity forum community


My family is also celebrating AE Holidays!

This Santa Claus is over 50 years old! I wish the project ae to become as longevity!


Happy New Year, aeternity community, I am now a Chinese student studying in Budapest, Hungary. This is my third year of studying in Hungary. I love this city. I also love aeternity. I spent a whole day. I think it’s a very meaningful thing to combine the sights of my favorite Budapest with the aeternity logo. I hope that my pictures can be liked!



Hi! you have really good photos. Thanks for sharing!


thanks for the support :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice walk! mmm :yum:
I envy :blush:! I definitely like it! I will be glad to support my photos too!








There is no better way to start the day than with Bacon & eggs. :slight_smile:








I sure, these eyes trust their father, who choose æternity as sing of freedom and security.
Happy winter holidays guys and Merry Christmas))
P.S. Love my son



Hi, I am very happy to share my office computer’s screen (wallpaper of aternity). I got to know about aternity last year through a youtuber friend and I really loved it’s concept.

Aternity is doing awesome work in scaling ether and block chain…

Would appreciate if you will like by clicking on :heartpulse: below to support me, this will matter a lot…

My ae address: ak_2fXNvACXmp272thvW3WDiDfNQ7zQsDsuoBPqUdgWwtS1aCDJUf