I really enjoy these photos guys! Keep them coming, you still have 2 days left :slight_smile:


Aeternity Buddha, Phangan, Thailand.



Aeternity blockchain welcomes you and wishes you all the bestin 2019
At Paioneer mall Kampala
Good luck to everyone



these holidays i am working in office and keeping eye on CMC of aeternity


That’s really nice… loved it…


These photos were taken next to the main Christmas tree in the city of San Miguel de Tucumán in Argentina. I am dressed as one of the three wise men participating in a charity campaign collecting donations so that the poor children of the province receive a toy at Christmas.

Merry christmas and happy new year whit Aeternity!

AE address:


Take ae to ski
Maximum speed 56km/h


A few more hours until the end of this contest! :slight_smile:


I"ve enjoyed the pictures, great initiative!


check out my suitcase…it’s original, I handmade it…can you spot the logo? It has traveled across Europe! Madeira island based!



Nice drinks at Madeira Islands sunset!

Not easy to decal the logo…

Drinks over sunset are easy like AE



This was in Amsterdam, in a local pub! AE is getting to some crazy places, hehe



æternity made it to Buckingham Palace and the royal duck family :wink:




Thank you all for the great submissions and creativity! You guys are the best! The contest is now closed and we will start the process of selecting the winners. The 5 winners that will each get 50 AE will be announced soon :slight_smile:


When you will announce winner and credit reward please?


Hey @Getdev8,

Really soon, we’re still voting!



Hello everyone!

We have just announced the contest winners in the blog. Check them out! :slight_smile: