Contest: Happy AE Holidays [COMPLETED]


Hi team, don’t you think it’s too late as winners haven’t received their rewards?


Why i didn’t receive sir? I had good numbers of like too… sad


Hey @ae-vlad, @ae-albena and @aeternity-team, I am very happy to know that my photo was selected as winner !! thanks :smiley:

Now, I wonder, I open my wallet and I don’t see the prize… also, I went to and tried to see my address ( ak_24ksw78rwogErKzqQNtXxW3bhLpvseJYnXmiadBTMvbFcX9oF8 ) which is the one that the base æpp created for me, and I see an error “Not a valid Block Hash/Height/Tx, an Account Public Key or an Æ Domain Name.” So I was wondering if there is some sort of bug with the base æpp ? (It is connected to the SDK mainnet, don’t know if that information is useful)

Thanks !


Hey, no need to worry. Your address is fine. The AE prizes have not been distributed yet. It will happen very soon. Also, have a look here: