Developer Study Jæm - æternity Ekiti(ækiti)

Yes and we are working on more projects.

During the 2019 hackathon, 2 out of 7 projects came out the best. First was Pæy(A decentralized payment system) and KwikJobs(A place for freelancers). During the course of the study jæm, contracts have been built to assist teaching and some can be found on ækiti GitHub account.

To get a better view if the study jæm, check out the below link.



Is there a specific description of the project? Is it convenient to provide screenshots or access addresses of corresponding projects? Let more people see the development of AE. This is conducive to the development of AE community.

Thanks @xupei, we will work more on adding those projects on our GitHub account. By the way, some of the open projects are on the account.


Online Session Curriculum - Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

Don’t miss out on what #devstudyjaem has installed for joining the online session.


Update - #devstudyjaem

DevStudyJæm(Ekiti State) final project is almost ready for lunch. Anticipate AEchat

Meanwhile, learn how to store and retrieve files on blockchain using IPFS using the link below.



Brilliantly done Jet

Credits goes to the ækiti team :kissing_heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Medium Story Update

“Developer Study Jæm”

“Week One — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Week Two — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Week Three — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Week Four — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Week 5 — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Online Session(Introduction) — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Week 6 — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Introduction To Sophia(Online Session) — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”

“Week 7 — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)”


Medium Stories Update

Week 8 — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

æpps — Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

Twitter Tweets Update

YouTube Videos Update

Online Session - Developer Study Jæm(Ekiti State)

ækiti æpps


Introduction to AEproject


Hello æfamily,

On Tuesday, 6th of April 2021, ækiti æmbassy would be having its first-ever ‘Study Jæm Finale’!
This is a celebratory event to officially wrap up the Ekiti State Study Jæm that took place from January to March 2020.
Everyone is invited to learn about æternity and see our Jæmers win amazing prizes.

Time: 11:00 WAT
Venue: Delight Hotel & Suites(

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Looking forward to see the come back of the ækiti developer study jæm! :trophy:
You had to wait a long time due to covid, but I hope you can still make the best of the situation and adapt to your local health & safety measures :pray:

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