Development of a Front-end Web Application for æternity Blockchain Bridge

Status: New
Last Updated: 15.04.2024
Submitted by: Yusuf Seyrek
Approved Budget (in h): [To be determined by the foundation]
Used Budget (in h): 0
Planned Delivery: in 2-3 weeks

Funding Category: Open Source Development

Application Title: Development of a Front-end Web Application for Aeternity Blockchain Bridge

Yusuf Seyrek

[email protected]

Value Application:
The project aims to develop a user-friendly front-end for the Aeternity blockchain bridge, enhancing interoperability with other Layer 1 chains. By offering a straightforward and intuitive interface, it will enable users of all technical levels to engage with the bridge, expanding the user base and promoting broader adoption of the Aeternity blockchain.

Definition of Terms:
The front-end web application will serve as an interactive interface for users to perform cross-chain transactions and interact with the Aeternity blockchain more effectively. It will align with Aeternity’s branding and offer functionalities akin to established blockchain bridges like Shapeshift, facilitating a seamless and integrated user experience.

Status Quo:
Currently, there is a lack of a user-centric front-end for the Aeternity blockchain bridge, limiting accessibility to users proficient with CLI commands. This project addresses this gap by introducing a comprehensive and accessible interface.

Required Work:

  1. Technical requirement analysis for the bridge frontend.
  2. Acquiring necessary design assets.
  3. Conception of a website layout.
  4. Implementation of the provided code base.
  5. Testing and adaptation of feedback.

The project is estimated to take 60 hours, encompassing all stages from requirement analysis to testing and feedback integration.

Known Limitations:

  • Dependence on the core team’s codebase.
  • User adoption and feedback integration.
  • Potential unforeseen technical challenges.

Post-completion, the focus will shift to maintenance, user feedback incorporation, and potential feature expansions, ensuring the front-end’s alignment with the community’s evolving needs and Aeternity’s ecosystem.

The project’s source code will be published under an open-source license, available in a dedicated GitHub repository to foster transparency and community collaboration.

I commit to providing at least one year of maintenance, covering bug fixes, updates, and minor enhancements based on user feedback, ensuring the application’s long-term viability and relevance.


Hey @yusufseyrek ,

Happy to inform you that your grant application has been approved. Congratulations! We are excited to support your project and look forward to seeing the impact of your work.


Dear Aeternity Foundation Community,

I’m pleased to provide a status update on the development of the Aeternity Blockchain Bridge front-end. I have made significant progress on aligning the bridge’s interface with Aeternity’s branding and improving overall functionality and user experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key tasks completed within this timeframe:

  1. Repository Cleanup (3 hours): Organized and streamlined the repository for improved code management and clarity.

  2. Styling and UX Enhancements (14 hours): Updated styling across the application to reflect Aeternity’s branding and enhanced user messaging and interactions.

  3. Mobile Responsiveness Improvements (8 hours): Addressed mobile responsiveness issues and optimized the application’s display for various screen sizes.

  4. Wallet Connection Enhancements (10 hours): Improved error handling and user interface within the WalletConnection component for smoother wallet connectivity.

  5. Token Spend Approval Feature (5 hours): Implemented a feature to request token spend approval only when necessary based on user allowance.

  6. Balance Retrieval Update (4 hours): Updated balance retrieval logic to enhance accuracy and efficiency within the application.

  7. Header and Navigation Updates (6 hours): Added relevant links to the header and refined navigation styles for improved usability.

  8. Wallet Connectivity Features (6 hours): Integrated wallet connect button functionality, displaying connected wallet addresses and managing account changes.

  9. Error Handling Refinements (7 hours): Resolved error handling issues within key components like the Bridge component for improved reliability.

  10. Footer Enhancement (2 hours): Updated the footer to include the Aeternity logo and essential links for better navigation.

Through these efforts, I’ve made substantial strides in aligning the bridge’s front end with Aeternity’s branding guidelines and enhancing its overall functionality. I look forward to your feedback and further collaboration as we finalize this project.

Thank you for your continued support and guidance.


As a continuation of the previous efforts on the Aeternity bridge front-end, my aim is to incorporate additional features and enhance usability to ensure a more comprehensive bridge experience. So, I am proposing the following enhancements and additions:

Application Status: Active
Date Updated: 26.04.2024
Submitted by: Yusuf Seyrek
Team: Yusuf Seyrek
Approved Budget (in hours): 0
Used Budget (in hours): 0
Planned Delivery: 14 days from proposal acceptance
Funding Category: Open Source Development
Application Title: Development of a Front-end Web Application for Aeternity Blockchain Bridge – Part 2
Applicant: Yusuf Seyrek

Value Application: This project enhances the interoperability of the Aeternity blockchain by developing a user-friendly front-end for the Aeternity blockchain bridge, promoting broader adoption and engaging users of all technical levels.
Definition of Terms: The project involves creating a web application that functions as an interactive interface for cross-chain transactions, aligning with Aeternity’s branding and offering functionalities similar to other blockchain bridges.
Status Quo: Most development tasks have been completed, including repository cleanup, UX enhancements, mobile responsiveness improvements, wallet connection updates, and more. The current project state and recent updates can be found at
Required Work: Tasks include creating and implementing a multi-chain configuration, adding and enhancing wallet connection features in the UI, adapting menus for mobile devices, and conducting thorough testing and bug fixes.
Estimate: 40 hours
Known Limitations: The main risk is scope creep, as additional features have been requested beyond the original scope, potentially exhausting the budgeted hours.
Outlook: Plans for future expansion include adding more features and improving integration with the existing Aeternity ecosystem.
Publishment: All research and development will be published free of any proprietary license.
Maintenance: The project’s code will be maintained with bug fixes and updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing to ensure proper function. Addition of new features and significant expansions are outside of this maintenance agreement.


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