Do you envision or provide some standardization on the 'interface specification' for oracles?

I am forwarding a question we received in by user bitbeckers:

Thanks for this contribution, it’s a nice high-level overview of oracle systems. I’ve looked over your oracle life cycle Git-page and noticed that, essentially, Alice defines an interface specification and Bob can consume this interface. The article suggests that one consumer (Bob) would rely on multiple producers (Alice). Do you envision or provide some standardization on the ‘interface specification’?

Looking forward to a reply :slight_smile:


And here is another oracles question - the Ethereum-based prediction market Augur is currently facing a design flaw attack:

Can something like that happen using æternity’s oracles?

Our Oracles could definitely do with some more attention but given the current implementation, all sorts of standardisation would have to happen in a self-organised manner. This could for example be via AEX proposals.

Not sure what exactly you’re referring to here. We have no notion of valid or invalid. If an oracle is asked and produces an answer, they can collect the attached fee.