Documentation for State Channels

Is there any documentation for how to use state channels, preferably from Python, though JS would be okay as well.

The only thing I can find was removed a month ago, apparently because it was outdated:

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Hey @hendi1, @Dimitar.Ivanov or @bot may be able to help you :wink:


@ae-albena I am not up to date with SDK documentation, I’d go to @noandrea

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There is which also contains a full-text search at the top. It is currently getting updated.

You also find Python SDK docs here:

And JavaScript SDK docs here:

They both contain examples. Let me know if you need more.

unfortunately I still wouldn’t recommend the documentation hub as a source to start developing aepps or getting started with aeternity in general.

I don’t exactly know the current state of the documentation hub but now and then I check the github repo and there is and wasn’t much activity.

in the past I didn’t have the feeling that I could recommend using the documentation hub without having a bad conscience

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Unfortunatley, none of the documentation seems to present the current working status @emin.chain and the included examples don’t work any more on the current version. Who can update this information or send us a working example?


The Python SDK docs don’t mention state channels at all, even though there’s a file. I don’t know if it’s usable or not or if it suffices our needs.

The JS documentation is just an API reference without any pointers as to how everything is supposed to work together.

Like Björn said, some updated examples would by great.


hello, the python SDK support for state channels is experimental, it doesn’t contains tests and the support is limited, that is why is not mentioned on the documentation.

The main effort has been dedicated to make the current functionalities more accessible (see contract interface) and documented to address the feedback received.

There are now two major topics to address for the python SDK development to address, one is support for state channels and the other is support for the aeternal middleware.
I planned to make a forum post asking which of the two prioritize in the beginning of the 2020, do you think it would be useful? Until now the feedback that I have collected directly and indirectly was always about keep the SDK as stable as possible (especially during forks), contracts support and documentation. The major effort lately was on documenting.

For the JS SDK there are quite a few examples how to use the state channels, the latest one was made in december, it still hast to be polished but here is the link anyway: pay-per-frame

Another one would be the gomoku game, that also should be fine, but please open an issue if you find problems.