Enlist for the Ærmy — Æ wants you!

Contribute to æternity blockchain on its mission to bring scalable open-source blockchain technology to people around the world

Great news, everyone :point_right: the æcosystem is getting an upgrade to the æmbassador program — based on the learnings and experience gained in the last 3 years — focused not only on community contributions and meet-ups, but applicable developement knowledge and earning opportunities (bounties) as well.


The ‘’Ærmy program’’ is being launched with the aim to encourage, reward and recognize meaningful contributions by our community members. “Ærmy” is the working title, and the æ community will decide on the official name of the program they will be contributing to. The name is be up for discussion in a public forum post and the resulting candidates will be up for a Superhero vote. After all, we are all in this together :fist:

What’s the difference?

The “Ærmy” is the closest, and most impactful layer between the æternity blockchain and the public. Contributors will work very closely with Æ team members on predefined tasks to advance the open source project with all of its ambitions and goals.

The new thing about the “Ærmy” is that most of its bounties will be tasks and contests open to the general public; you won’t need to sign up to participate in a given task. Your crypto identity (ideally your AENS .chain name) will be sufficient to contribute to Github repos, design & writer contests as well as most other available bounties.

All you need is your open source spirit and desire to keep upgrading the æternity blockchain and spreading awareness of its possibilities. But don’t worry, you won’t need to carry this burden on your own. A new collective, an Ærmy of open source enthusiasts & professionals will help you steer æternity to its decentralized future.


Let’s get you involved in the æcosystem

Sign up to the æternity forum to find out which are the first publicly available bounties of this new program and join the ranks of the Ærmy. Get one step closer to working with professionals in the blockchain industry and seize your opportunity to become a wanted talent in the æcosystem.

Each Ærmy contributor will receive special attention in their own way — through swag items, video interviews, exclusive sessions with Æ team leads, unique NFT tokens on Superhero, and special monthly contributor awards to bring your talents to the spotlight!

Enlist for the “Ærmy” and defend blockchain’s core beliefs in times of mainstream adoption: sovereignty for the people through decentralized, tamperproof and publicly verifiable tools.

Bookmark this Github repo :pushpin:

Check the bounties & learn more about how you can start contributing on Github: bounties/README.md at master · aeternity/bounties · GitHub

Let’s Take Control together!

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