Explorer Vote is Here!

Dear æternity community,

We are very happy to be reaching out to all of you for your input on a crucial step in our middleware rollout - the name of our explorer.

The MVP of the new explorer is almost ready to be published and while we’re finalizing everything on this end – we’re looking to you, our community, to help us with one of the most important forward-facing aspects — the name.

We wish to give all of you a voice in the matter and to have the new explorer reflect the ideas, opinions, and thoughts of all of you.

The voting will take place by using our Governance Æpp as well as Superhero (Poll #106) and will last for seven days until December 15th, 2022, starting today. Click here to cast your vote.

Currently, the name contenders are:

  • indæx / indÆx
  • scæn / scÆn
  • scænner / scÆnner
  • æScan / Æscan
  • æternity explorer
  • æxplorer

The new explorer will make all protocol features easily accessible and understandable to all. As soon as a name is chosen, an MVP will be rolled out and we will make sure to reach out to you all again for comments, feedback, and inputs.

For further details as to how voting works, please see How Superhero Voting Works!


Finally, can’t wait to see the result! :slight_smile:


And I baptize you indæx / indÆx



Don’t forget to vote for your favourite name as well :wink:

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Æscan sounds good.


How complete is the aeternity explorer? Is it ready to go online?

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Maybe @michele can give an update here?

Looking forward to hearing some good news.

Thank you for your interest @Bigtree.chain.
We are approaching the last steps of the release phase and the exciting news is that the first version of æScan will have even more features than the ones initially planned!
Stay tuned, a forum post with the announcement is coming in the next weeks!


That would be great.


can’t wait, well done guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

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