We have a winner! Find out which name won the Explorer vote 📲

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Explorer vote to help us decide the new brand name for the launch of our “new” æternity Explorer.

The final candidates selected by the community were “æxplorer” and “æScan / Æscan”, æxplorer having a total voting weight of 111,266.57 AE (7 votes and 5 delegators):


The winning name of this vote is æScan / Æscan :raised_hands: :trophy: :partying_face:, having a total voting weight of 284,611.2 AE (9 votes and 1 delegator) :

We’re happy to bring you the new æScan / Æscan soon with all its promised features as seen in the teaser video we have shown you previously already:

Let us know if you have any additional ideas that could be implented for æScan :memo:


Hello @erik.chain .
When will the new browser go online?

@AndreiK @marco.chain might answer something around this

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