From this 51% attack, I hope the team can see its own shortcomings and correct them. Here is a shortcoming in team management that the CEO can improve


In terms of team management, it has always been limited to technical exchanges. The official team members have hardly had direct contact with any exchange or any mining pool.

It just so happens that exchanges and mining pools are the lifeblood of AE. If one of these two organizations completely abandons AE, then AE will be over, no matter how well the technology is developed.

As far as I know, there are Chinese people communicating and coordinating in AE’s mining pools and exchanges. These people are basically Chinese, some of them are old members of the Chinese community, and some are new members. Enthusiasm continues to work.

A very serious problem is that these Chinese people cannot directly communicate with the team, have good ideas, or encounter serious problems, such as this hacking attack.

In this hacking attack, the Chinese took the lead in discovering the problem and raised questions to AE’s telegram group. Unfortunately, the existing telegram group is controlled by a very small number of non-team members who engage in personality worship. The girls molested in the telegram group did not play a positive role in communication and did not respond to this serious problem to the team members.

So I propose here that the official needs to suggest an authoritative telegram group, managed by the official personnel, and the CEO also needs to participate in it. The advantage of this is that it can listen to the voice of the grassroots and find and solve major problems in time.

Please be sure to do this. If the current telegram group is an official group, please ceo promptly clear out the management staff, appoint official staff as the administrator, and remove those irrelevant administrators.


I support it, so that you can respond to questions quickly and communicate from zero distance


I support it


I support it. In any case, I hope that the official needs to pay attention to whether ae is alive in addition to the technology.


I support it unconditionally. I would ask for it, if allowed. AE is going through the most difficult time, and our consensus is being seriously damaged. I hope AE can keep going, not stop.


Hi @xixuesky,

This is really good feedback and totally agree re: mining pools and exchanges. I assume you do not suggest that there is one telegram group for everyone/everything? As you’d expect, æternity communicates directly to exchanges and mining pools individually as there are specific topics that are discussed.

So, to reiterate your thoughts

  • clean up the main telegram group and make it fit for purpose (for the voice of grassroots)

  • Maintain a private relationship with Exchanges and Mining Pools (on which ever medium is suitable) to ensure they have direct access to developers and other æternity people

  • Reach out to Chinese entities (Exchanges and Mining and others) to understand their communications requirements.

  • Continue to work with æternity ambassadors/partners/associates to resolve any issues that may arise

Obviously, the forum is always a good place to look for your queries and chat with anyone in the æternity team. Also, if you have any specific Mining Pools or Exchanges in China you know we do not have a direct communication with let me know and we’ll sort it out! (dm me as I expect they’d prefer not to have this aired in a public forum).

Thanks, Magnus


What you mean is what I want to say.

There is a problem in the forum, and the team members will see it slowly.
In an emergency, if the relevant person finds us, we go to the forum for help.
Contact the relevant personnel again, I am afraid that the best time to deal with the problem will be missed.
The main function of the official telegram group is to enable relevant personnel to communicate in a timely and effective manner.
My idea is that a small group composed of official members facilitates efficient communication.

It’s actually very easy to do.
It only requires the team to establish a telegram group composed of official members.
Different branch leaders serve as different administrators.

For example, for mining problems, the administrator of A is designated.
For exchange communication, appoint CMO or B administrator.

Within the scope of our ability, we can share the link of this group to people who have actual needs.
Exchanges and mining pools have not found us to talk to, and some mining pools have rolled back themselves.
The exchange’s practice suspended withdrawals and recharges.


Those who ignore the market will be eliminated by the market


I support it

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Dear All,

thank you for the discussion how to improve the communication in case of security and exchange problems. We definitely need to improve the communication channels and reflect the market needs. Fortunately it was not an aeternity software bug used by the hacker but only a general feature of the blockchain that can be misused for criminal purpose. The future aeternity releases with iris and hyperchain features will provide the higher security making this kind of attacks impossible.

Please feel free to contact us anytime under the Emails: [email protected] and [email protected]

Aeternity Crypto Foundation will be happy to help and support the miners and the exchanges!


I support it

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Just wanted to understand if the people who have lost their token, will they receive their tokens back ?
or is it a loss


Hi Vikram,
there were solutions offers to the exchanges for rewriting in case they keep the values. However we do need their collaboration to do so. I think the exchanges have a problem to understand technically this attack (that is a feature) nevertheless that some major blockchains had already experienced it. We try to do our best and support the exchanges to return the values to the users. Of course also to prevent this attack in the future.


Many users lost assets due to block rollback

希望AE可以。永恒。希望大佬们能够帮忙传达一下意思,书没好好念没办法 :sob:
@lydia Sorry, these speeches are from Google Translate, my English is very poor. But I want to give some advice to the AE team.

  1. The team cannot only care about technology development but ignore the market and users. The best products need to be used. I don’t know if you agree with this view.
  2. As a public chain, the competition between AE and other public chains is the competition of the community. The fan base in the Chinese community is huge, but the current loss of fans is serious. Because the community lacks good maintenance, there is a lack of convenient communication channels with the team. We eagerly hope that the team can build a convenient communication channel, and perhaps re-enable a community team, such as @LiuShao @LiuYang.chain @xixuesky
  3. Be able to contact exchanges and capital markets. Do more marketing, because for ordinary users, they are more concerned about currency prices than others. A good currency price is also an important indicator reflecting the value of a project. The market value of excellent projects may not be high. But for projects with high market value, the project ecology must be more prosperous. Maybe these words are too complicated for Google Translate. . .
    Finally, against this 51% attack. Hope the team can also consider the loss of investors. Help us through this difficult time. The development of the project is inseparable from the efforts of everyone.
    Hope AE can. eternal

@jackcheng Thank you very much for the advices and the concerns. We all want to make an aeternity one of the best crypto projects and surely we will succeed.

It is really a very bad news to see that there are super power criminals overrunning the miners power of the blockchains to takeover the values in the exchanges on a regular basis. Unfortunately now it happens with the aeternity exchanges.

I was working in a network group and the security of the banks was always design carefully with Firewalls, monitoring tools and so on. I am surprise to see that exchanges (used as a bank) try to blame the aeternity open source software for known security problems in their exchange systems. A user rely on the bank software and does not ask the software delevopers for the return of a value if it gets lost in the bank systems. But presently this seems the case with aeternity.

I do see the issues in handling wallets and transaction time in the exchanges and believe they can be solved by a good technical team. Aeternity will be happy to support the exchanges technically to improve their security as needed. This kind of attacks will be impossible in the next aeternity releases with hypechains. Nevertheless as a user I am not keeping my tokens on the exchanges as well as a large amount of money in the banks.

Sorry once more for the lost of value for the users believing in the exchanges!


thank you for your reply
I did not ask the developer to make up for my loss (for the first reply, perhaps Google Translation is inaccurate, you have misunderstood what I meant) I just hope the team can help resolve this 51% attack.


Aeternity core and hyperchain developers are doing their best to support the exchanges. Together we are stronger and hopefully can find a technical solution to avoid the lost of values!


Thank you @jackcheng for your love, I love ae, which is why I became an ambassador. But whether we are a member of the government or not, we are actively working to maintain the harmonious, healthy and stable development of the community.


Yep, 51% is a side effect. AEternity is a decentralised blockchain project. Both the Anstalt and the Foundation help greatly improve the software that powers the network and do their best to make the ecosystem grow. It is really important that neither of them operate the network: that is the essence of being decentralised. This is the only way for a blockchain to be free of censorship and restrictions. So any path forward must include a collaboration between different parties involved: devs, miners, exchanges, community