Greetings Everyone, I am Jeevanjot Singh

Greetings Everyone,

My Name is Jeevanjot Singh, I have Masters of Computer Application and experience working with different blockchain technologies. I also have experience with Full-stack development (including cross-platform development), Devops, Blockchain-based development, and other Backend services like Bots creation (Telegram, Discord).

My open-source projects (Some, that are/was in use) include:

  • - 2020 -> clone for parking, buying
    and selling real domains from any domain name registrar
    with Chainlink and Ethereum. (Created in 2020 chainlink hackathon)

  • Git Nano - 2019-> A platform for users to maintain their
    Nano wallets and send or receive Nano tokens through Github

  • Ethereum Fork’s Native and PWA Wallet - 2019 -> Wallet to
    send and receive native currency, made for any Ethereum fork.

  • Telegram Attestations Bot - 2019 -> A bot that let users
    connect existing telegram to obyte account to send and
    receive bytes through telegram

  • Steemit Discord Bot - 2018 -> A discord bot to keep your
    self up-to-date with Steem posts. Just like the light version of
    GINA bot of that time but open source and free to use.

  • P3C PWA Wallet - 2018 -> PWA wallet for ERC20 Token
    Transfer, Staking, Receiving and in build charts to keep
    informed with coin information.

My closed source Projects (Some, that are/was in use) include:

  • - 2020 -> Centralized service that let users
    send ETHER to any email without prior registration (Create
    new paper wallet for each new address at backend)

  • Working Supply chain Management basic Features - 2020 -
    A working supply chain management prototype on
    Ethereum chain that let manufacturers create, buy, sell,
    transfer parts and keep track of them of what they build to.

  • Okteto Mobile App - 2019 -> Okteto mobile app that let
    users watch & manage their cloud namespaces, their pods or share them
    to other users.

Some Contributions to other repositories

  • Oscript editor share button (Sharing code using JSON cloud)
  • Helm Charts addition to Okteto cloud charts.
  • Remix Editor fork and modifications for a separate ETH fork.
  • A game created in Python submitted in Code Jam

Some of my tutorials include:

My Contributions & Projects On Aeternity:

I have 2 medium accounts currently, One has old tutorials another I am using right now (That includes Aeternity tutorials) You can explore both as you like

and also you can explore my steemit account to see more posts & tutorials

I do have 165 repositories currently on GitHub but 10-15% of them are either not working or never made their first commit but they are just there to remind me of what I can work on next someday :slight_smile:

It’s really good to develop ideas with Aeternity.

Github :
Linkedin :


Thank you very much for your outstanding contribution to the project


thank you.


We are super glad to have you as part of our æcosystem Jeevanjot!! Hope you enjoy the ride so far :smiley::rocket::man_technologist: