[Active] Grant request for Oracle 2.0 (Say.network)

Application Status

Status: Approved on the 15.07.2021, submitted on the 24.06.2021
Last updated: 24.06.2021
Submitted by Jeevanjot, Singh, [email protected]
Team: Jeevanjot Singh,…
Approved Budget (in h):
Used Budget (in h):
**Planned Delivery: By End of Q3 2021 (approx.) **

Specify the funding category

=> Open Source Development

Application Title

Say Network Oracle Service for Aeternity


Greetings Everyone, I am Jeevanjot Singh

Value Application

My project is an Automatic Provable Oracle Service, It will help DApp developers to integrate API data feeds on their smart contracts with easy-to-use Say API library, Providing automatic results from formatted URL requests with proofs to verify the authenticity of the data. Easy to use & trustless oracle system can help make Oracles required DApp development easier.

A successful contribution of Say network’s oracle system on Aeternity will have these working modules through Say Engine for Aeternity:
→ Plain queries = Plain URL queries answered.
→ Queries with proofs = Queries answered with full audit trail passed along with it.
→ Encrypted queries = Hide URL from the blockchain with encryption before querying with it.
→ Inbuilt Pricefeeds = Provide powerful inbuilt price feeds aggregated from multiple platforms.

Definition of Terms

Say network Oracle System Terms Defined as:
→ Automatic Oracle service = There are nodes running to listen a query request and send a response back.
→ Preformatted Query = A query as URL defined in such format that can be split into tokens by Say Engine and fetch the exact value from the result object that the one is looking for.
→ Provable Oracle Service = Providing the option to request data along with proofs from an Immutable server or Device (Using open-source tech) along with its full logs of operations from where the data can be verified later.
→ Inbuilt Pricefeeds = Price requested from multiple exchanges, aggregated and provided through a method from the Say API (library)

Status Quo

Currently Say network oracle service on Aeternity progress is:
→ Oracle Plain = Mainnet
→ Oracle Proofs = Testnet/Under development for mainnet
→ Oracle Encrypted queries = Testnet/Under development for mainnet
→ Inbuilt Pricefeeds = Under development for Testnet

Required Work

Steps to get to the goal…
Basic Deliverables for this grant contains:
→ Oracle Plain
→ Oracle Proofs
→ Oracle Encrypted queries
→ Inbuilt Pricefeeds
On Mainnet…


My time estimate in hours for Say network Oracle service on Aeternity:
→ Oracle Plain = 0 (Running (Mainnet))
→ Oracle Proofs = 180(approx.) hours to perform more tests & put on Mainnet
→ Oracle Encrypted queries = 120(approx.) hours to perform more tests & put on Mainnet
→ Inbuilt Pricefeeds = 400(approx.) hours to develop, test & put on Mainnet

Known Limitations

There currently exists mdw issue to fix which I spotted in-between hackathon & discussed it on Discord. Fix of it can help obtain queries more efficiently through middleware WebSockets.


What happens after this project is completed?

After the launch of modules, I will write more docs (As I wrote here), Create video materials, Blog posts & Continued support to help Developers integrate Oracle 2.0 in their Dapps.


GitHub - genievot/oracle-service: Oracle service


Please confirm that your research and development code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates free of charge for at least one year after publishing it.
= Yes


personally I fully support that grant proposal. @genievot is one of the most active devs in the community. wish you good luck! :slight_smile:


Dear @genievot, thank you very much for your application. ACF had approved the first milestone for Q3 2021.


Hello Everyone,

The public repo of Oracle 2.0 can be checked here GitHub - genievot/oracle2.0-aeproject: Oracle 2.0 on Aeternity.

Stay tuned for the next updates.


Week From GitHub - genievot/oracle2.0-aeproject: Oracle 2.0 on Aeternity