Hello Æternity!

I am Software Engineer working as Freelance for more that ten years and now I’m experimenting with Sophia. My background is system development, Web/mobile development, and Dapps development (the last year) with Solidity.
I’m pretty interested on DeFI protocols, NFTs standards, and all related to blockchain developments.

I’ve strong knowledge on React/React-native/Redux/Vue/nodejs/typescript/Ecmascript/Mongodb/CouchDB/PostgreSQL.

So, I’d love to share my experiences and learning from the AE community.


Glad to have you with us @malaniz! :smiley:
Feel free to shot all your questions at us here in the forum or directly on the Discord chat if you are participating at the Akshwani Hæck! :fire: :nerd_face:

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Hi Eric! Thanks for sharing me the info, I was there! but the transmission got stuck at minute 7. Do you know if the video will be upload to somewhere? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @malaniz, we had to continue yesterday’s webinar livestream on another link, here it is:

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