[Postponed] Aeternity NFT standard and implementation

Application: Æternity NFT Standard and Implementation

Application Status

Status: Postponed on 09.08.2021, Approved on the 31.05.2021, Postponed on the 28.04.2021
Last updated: 09.08.2021
Submitted by Henning Diedrich, [email protected] on the 07.04.2021
Team: Plenity Anstalt
Approved Budget (in h): –
Used Budget (in h): –
Planned Delivery: 31 July 2021

Specify the funding category

Open Source Development

Application Title

Æternity NFT standard

In extension or completion of ÆX 12


Plenity Anstalt

Henning Diedrich

Arjan van Eersel

Marcelo Alaniz

Value Application

Æternity should asap have a powerful, working NFT standard.

The outcome of the project will be a working, tested and documented NFT code library.

It will benefit Æternity to become a more popular platform in the current NFT boom, which will grow – possibly multiply – the number of developers in the Æternity community and the total funds being spent on Æternity applications.

Definition of Terms

An NFT standard code in Sophia, coded by experienced blockchain developers, posted with tests, examples and documentation to the Æternity/ÆXs repository.

The standard may be fully compliant with Ethereum ERC-721 if this is achievable without detrimental consequences, i.e. no loss of possible additional functionality provided by Æternity over Ethereum.

The standard will be tested in a real-world use case to be launched in 2021. The use of this standard will be publicized together with the launch of that application.

Ideally the standard would be joined with the existing ÆX 12 effort but it will be developed unhampered politics and might receive its own number if that is more practical.

Status Quo

  • · Team is assembled,
  • · specification work has started and
  • · forensics about the status of the current ÆX 12 work to avoid repetition.

Required Work

  • · Specification of desired functionality
  • · Prototype development
  • · Test framework development
  • · Internal Tests
  • · Documentation
  • · Public Tests
  • · Publication


Time Budget

Task Person Hours
Overhead / Grant Application 10
Ongoing Dev Team Communication / Meetings 50
Specification drafting and finalization 30
Prototype development 360
Test framework development 120
Internal Tests, Debugging 50
Documentation 40
Public Test Coordination 25
Publication 10
Presentation 20
Maintenance / Fixes / Communication 1 year 120
Total 835 hours


Specification 19 April 2021
Prototype development 24 May
Test framework development 31 May
Internal Tests 14 June
Documentation 28 June
Public Tests 26 July
Official Public Release 30 July

Known Limitations



The project should be owned, improved and maintained by the Æternity developer community.

It should ideally stabilize and not see too many and not to deep changes.

Advertisement for the standard will be through its first real-world use that will happen in parallel.

At public launch, we will record a dev-level explanation video and provide a press release for the Æternity web site if wanted.


The work will be published under GPL.


We will provide bug fixes for at least one year. The scope of functionality should ideally not change as the code is to be a reference for a standard.


Excited to have a working NFT standard for all projects in the æcosystem :fire:


Is there a reason to adopt ERC-721 instead of ERC-1155 for this proposal?

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Happy to see this being tackled. I think we should cover both standards.

Personally I think a minimal and less complex standard like ERC721 is still valid for NFTs as fungibility isn’t always needed.

I think it is important how we handle extensions (can be inspired by AEX-9) and how we deal with metadata.


Great question: looking deep into that is going to be part of the effort but we sure want to keep the attack surface small, and have less rather than more bells and whistles for that. The focus will be to optimally serve implementation of NFTs first.


AE ternity与NFT 有什么关系

@mahuiyong please stick to English :slight_smile:

This is a grant application to build an NFT standard for building NFT tokens on top of the æternity blockchain.


Dear @brianiac.5,
Thank you very much for you AE NTF Standart Application. AF had decided to postponed your application.


Dear @brianiac.5,
Your application is approved by AF Board. Thank you very much for your effort to start building the NFTs standards on aeternity.


您如何看待AE今天的发展。这么多问题团队真的在研究解决么[quote=“lydia, post:8, topic:9146, full:true”]
Dear @brianiac.5,
Thank you very much for you AE NTF Standart Application. AF had decided to postponed your application.

I also made ERC721 based NFT token for aeternity. You guys can use it as a reference if you like. Let me know if you guys require my help on this.


there are also some old examples here https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-sophia-examples/tree/master/contracts/NonFungibleToken

I am really looking forward to see an official standard for NFTs being established on aeternity! :slight_smile:


@brianiac.5 have you already started working on this? is there a public repo to follow the progress any maybe provide some feedback?

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@brianiac.5 Please reply to my email. Thank you!

do we have an update here? @lydia

I am also waiting for a reply from @brianiac.5. Hope he will reply to us soon.

@brianiac.5 @zkvonsnarkenstein.chain @malaniz any update here? are you actively working on that?

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Hi. Oh yes I’m working on this. Should be able to show something very soon.