How can I do Atomic swaps between ETH/AE?

I’m really interested in how I can have ETH and AE talking to each other. I saw something about ETH/AE swaps but I can’t find any more info on it.

For example if I wanted to create a game, on Aeterntiy, that used ownership of an ETH’s NFT how could I do that? I assume i’d have to lock up the NFT? Obviously not locking it up, thus reducing ETH gas fees, would be best.

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Any ideas @VitalJeevanjot @marco.chain @ae-omar ?

Jelly Swap is doing atomic swaps between multiple networks. This currently only works for fungible tokens. See Jelly Swap · GitHub, there are multiple repositories where you can check the implementation. This is also what is mentioned in the article you found.

Currently we don’t have a way to transfer NFTs from Ethereum to Aeternity and back. I think we should first define standards (NFTs on aeternity / Superhero) before thinking about such a bridge.


@marco.chain There i a lot of unpack with Jelly-Swap. Is it possible to just be pointed at what I need to look at to verify a message signed with an Ethereum key on Aetenrity? I assume there is some Sophia code that could do that? Or are we supposed to just use the Elixir Ethereum libraries?

The more I think about it, the more I think i could probably solve my issue with a simple verification and IPFS to transfer json between chains. But to do that I need some way to prove on Aeternity that the Ethereum account that owns what I want signed something.

This is where I’m getting a little tripped up because I know Aeternity just stores state changes. So would I just store the signed message on the chain with the idea that I would verify it in Elixir? And then I guess I would update the state to say I’ve done that?

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it is definitely possible to verify Ethereum signatures with Sophia. this is also implemented in the migration contract. of course you need to be able to access the message to verify within your smart contract:

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