NFTs on aeternity / Superhero

I think it would be cool to showcase NFTs on aeternity. Is there currently somebody working that area? It would also be cool to be able to display the NFTs within Superhero.

All I found is an old example for a NFT contract in the Sophia examples:


ok I found another discussion and publication, too:

actually pretty cool, thanks @genievot for your work!

I think we should define official AEX standards for NFTs (equivalent to ERC-721 and ERC-1155) and index these contracts in the middleware.

what do you think?

cc: @milenradkov.chain, @philipp.chain, @karol.chain


As initial feedback - it would be nice to see some test coverage for this contract, and a simplified interface to be standardised.

The author is free to submit a PR to the AEXs repo with specs and reference implementation.


I will try to provide this as soon as possible. if anyone else wants to catch up this I’m fine and happy to support.

I think we should finalize the standard(s) as soon as possible and index these tokens in the middleware


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Thanks for inviting @ae-omar

@marco.chain I was reading chat on Discord as well. You are correct. Since polymorphism (I think might be the correct term/Abstract classes/Interfaces) does not exist How to write interfaces in Sophia so making a standard and enforcing it does not seem possible in Sophia. It should be based on providing examples in one place (Probably a better public docs website than AEXs repository) so everyone has more than one way to achieve a single thing and While enforcing standards is not possible, They need to deal with their own service API docs themself but that’s probably it in my current knowledge. Let me know if I can be any help in your current motives. I will be making videos of new templates soon which will cover NFT as well. We can continue the discussion here to find the best correct way to move forward if we want to highlight NFT on Ae.


yeah, I see. but independently we should formulate the interface and the expected behavior of its implementation as well as what events should be triggered. similar to

we should also provide a reference implementation with full test coverage.


I have been creatings NFT on mintable. It is really something that has potential for the ART community. Aeternity needs to cover this area.


Why we don’t start by bringing good examples to follow for NFTs and discuss their flaws?

ERC-721 is it suitable? What we would change improve?

ERC-1155 is it suitable? What we would change improve?

Regarding our own denomination, should it be AEX-12 ? @philipp.chain @milenradkov.chain ?


as specified in


Thanks @philipp.chain will start there

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I want to tackle this and I want to get your opinions about whether we should adopt ERC-721 or ERC-1155? do we need both standards? maybe a complete new individual standard? :slight_smile:

ERC-1155 covers almost any usecase and provides the possibility to combine fungible and non-fungible tokens within a single contract so I tend to adapt the ERC-1155 standard first.

I think we should also have a look at AtomicAssets ( where we might get some inspiration. they introduced very cool features like backing NFTs with other assets (fungible tokens) and introduced a way to exchange NFTs on a peer to peer basis without having to transfer the NFTs to a market contract. personally I think that AtomicAssets is way more interesting than just copying the Ethereum standards.

what do you think? @philipp.chain @milenradkov.chain


with AEX-9 the goal was to create a simple fungible token contract, for an NFT either choose the same approach and create the most simple one, adjusting an existing standard to be optimized for aeternity, or create a standard to try and fulfill all usecases

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I love the idea of as closely following ERC-1155 as possible because one of my major goals is figure out how to wrap ETH NFT tokens on Aeternity.


I’d say that ERC-721 is not suitable as it is harder to integrate, hence ERC-1155 can mint both fungible and non-fungible tokens as well as dispatching batch transactions, easier to swap and less chain overhead.

You could implement all the use cases for ERC-20 and ERC-721, at the same time, by implementing ERC-1155.

Maybe a Sophia alternative loosely based on ERC-1155 is a good way to start.