Https:// ?!


forget to swap the token to mainnettoken.
unfortunately the migrate-site is not reachable.

any other possibilitys ?

Thanks !


Why is there no support from you devs ?

Please read the related topics first.
Yes they are supporting as always.
And please don’t push them in holiday.

Go here and close this topic if possible

Thank you!

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There isnt any news on the “related” topic.
Where is the support ?
Cant see any reason to close this topic as long as there is no support or solution.

I can understand your feeling.
I also have frozen AE. too many actually
The only reason I asked you to go there because when all people with same problem gather in one place they have bigger voice and also can solve their problem faster like as other things in society.
AE team had hard time during last month with 51 percent attack and they solve that and that was great.
so migration site wasn’t their priority.
If you want your coin soon for any reason please go there and ask it again. I will do it myself

Thank you