Hyperchains Ideas

We definitely need some clear communication about Hyperchains. The whitepaper isn’t enough. I would like to have a great explainer video. Maybe we can make some contest here and vote through the governance aepp which explainer video wins. Probably some Meme competition would also be great. In case we try to do that community driven there is a risk that the quality won’t be good enough. So maybe for the video it’s better to hire somebody professional.

Then it would be good to have a dedicated testnet for Hyperchains to see how it works with instructions how to add a validator and secure the network.

In best case we also have some DeFi solution to play around with with a slick UI. A basic application that allows to create, register and swap/trade AEX9 tokens.

I think the launch of Hyperchains is crucial for the future success of aeternity so we should prepare it as good as we can :smiley:


I still don’t understand the need for validator for hyperchain. If validator is use than why the need to use bitcoin blockchain? EOS and Cardano does not need to commit tranx to other blockchain.

Somebody please explain my confusion please.

Completely agreed that the launch of Hyperchains is crucial/critical for the future success of AEternity. And it also might be the last chance. :wink:

I think for a meme to land/make sense - it has to be on a subject that people have a clue about. Think about the last Paleontology meme you came across - didn’t make much sense to you or really make you laugh, right? Right.

Memes about Hyperchains would be like memes about Paleontology - funny to 100 people on the entire earth. Nobody knows about this yet. :slight_smile: People first need to see real-life-proof of utility - then they’ll react to memes about it. Not the other way around.

A high-quality professionally-produced easily-digestible (a minute-two maximum) video that also has a sweet prize in it “now go to AEhyperchainsAreAmazing.com and without knowing Linux, start a secure chain tailor-made for your college/community/sewing circle/beer club” is key and crucial and OMG SO SO SO important. Great idea, @marco.chain, please try to impress this onto people with the AE $ control? :wink:

Because otherwise I fear that the “We’ve got the best thing! Now we won’t spend any $ to tell anyone about it!” will persist.



If the official video introduction, I would like to do Chinese dubbing


The community really needs a video to understand Hyperchain. Will there be? @gorbak25

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We are preparing many many formats, content and…well, just a bit more patience @swift @Fee.chain :pray: :relaxed: @Baixin.chain great idea, thank you!

Hyperchains will be explained in detail @marco.chainc @crypto_user since it is not only important for for the future of æ but #blockchaintech in many ways! Said that, updated WP coming soon too!

Meanwhile, have you see FAQ section?
Maybe we can list some of question you are not finding in the FAQ, and start from there (until WP, videos etc are ready)?


Very good idea, I hope I can learn more about Hyperchain from many aspects. Thank you.

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If we choose to use Bitcoin as parentchain (which I would really appreciate) I think it would be great to invite some Bitcoin supporters with a broad audience to discuss hyperchains. Maybe some of them are excited to see that aeternity chooses Bitcoin to secure the network and will spread the word. At least we should try to do so. Many of those do not like Ethereum and other chains (currently probably also aeternity) for various reasons.


I agree going with Bitcoin is a good option but the cost of running the node would be higher as we will have to pay TX fees on BTC :slight_smile:

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Several solutions have been proposed, but there is no conclusion yet. @gorbak25 @aniputapet.chain

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IMO we must use Bitcoin as parentchain to get traction in the broader crypto community. honestly, Litecoin & ETC (which also faced a 51% attack recently) would be a joke!

maybe the team can calculate the costs that are required to use Bitcoin? what about using a certain percentage of the Block Reward Initiative to cover the costs?


According to the current bitcoin price, we pay more than 10,000 US dollars a day. If calculated according to the current value of ae, I am afraid we cannot afford it. Or increase the value of ae is the way out.

how did you calculate that? I haven’t looked deep enough into that topic yet. but 10k USD a day would be tough :confused:

Let’s keep this thread focused on Hyperchains’ community & marketing ideas, and tech-related questions can be posted: Hyperchains - æforum

@marco.chain can you tell us a bit more about the Meme competition you mentioned?
Maybe the competition can be hosted on Superhero?? Or Twitter + Tip to Superhero? Then, the top 3 (ranked by popularity) can be subject of Vote?


Marco u are underappreciated in this community my guy, ever since ico i seen u on here and on twitter u really believe in his project. You are not alone bro i still believe in this project the tech is clearly solid but the shitty price has disheartened many. In a way that could be for the better seeing as only those who truly believe in this will stick around. A major problem with this community is that we all wanna blame yani and the team for everything lol

But here comes marco to the rescue. We gotta step up as a community, consider me your first contribution of 1 eth (i wanna keep my ae lol) it may not be much but its a start. Let’s start making things happen if you’re willing to get it done bro

I’ve had enough of all these shitcoins out there claiming they’re anything more than ghostchains lol time for aeternity to start making noise


thanks for the kind words @aenonymouz, I think everyone hanging around here still believes in aeternity. but I totally agree that blaming around won’t help.

@aniputapet.chain sorry, will keep the discussion focused on community & marketing ideas. in regards to the meme competition I currently have no concrete idea what we should target here. but meme’s and gifs are definitely a good way for marketing on twitter and other social media channels as well as chats. I can imagine multiple ways to manage this. I think the following way could work:

  1. define one ore multiple hashtags to be used on twitter, e.g.
    • #AEsecuredByBitcoin
    • #Hyperchains
    • #Bitcoin
    • #AEMemeCompetition
  2. let people post memes on twitter in combination with the defined hastag(s) in a certain timeperiod
    • good memes will be tipped by community members via Superhero tip buttons
    • good memes will be liked and retweeted
  3. pick the top 5 memes based on Superhero tips & retweets & likes and start a voting in the voting app on Superhero
    • each of that 5 memes receives a certain amount of AE as reward

that’s something I think could be very funny :slight_smile: - BUT I think we should NOT start that competition when we have enough public information & material to be able to advertise and explain Hyperchains to the average person in the crypto space :wink:


YES!!! Pls do that.thanks

Nice!!! @marco.chain and thanks @Janson for support. I think the idea is super!

meme’s and gifs are definitely a good way

Yes, agree!
Would you participate? And have you already took part in such competition ? #AEMemeCompetition
P.S. interesting read: A Brief History of Memes | Blog |Independent Lens

So, meme-competition all well and good… but, really - what is needed is a way for AE and the things it brings to become… usable. Usable to the clueless un-computer-skilled masses.

I posit that the meme competition will be useless - until Hyperchains has an option for anyone to use it - to achieve a granular product in 30 minutes or less. Until then - all meme would do is attract people to look at a brick wall.

Is that (a developed front-end) something that is going to be created by AEorg when the product is premiered? This is a discrete question that I’m not sure is answered/answerable/even being worked on. :wink:

well I mentioned everything from the usage standpoint in my first response of this thread. I totally agree that people need to be able to feel and check out how aeternity works in a easy and convenient way!

meme competition would be one part of the marketing “campaign”