I send ae tokens to the migration contract directly


Hello, i need you help.

I send my AE tokens directly to the contract. I know it was my mistake. It was form a MEW account. I see this in FAQ:
"* have sent my AE directly to the token contract (0x5CA9a…). Is this a problem?
Yes! This is something you should never do as mentioned by the numerous warnings. AE tokens that go directly to that contract are effectively burned without being associated with an æternity account (wallet).

If you have sent AE to that contract directly from an exchange, there is no chance to recover it. If you have sent from a wallet that you own - a recovery might be possible (we can not guarantee this!), but it will require signing a message/transaction with the private key of the address that you sent your AE from (keep that safe just in case)."

But i dont know what to do!

Thank you!


Hey @julianm67,

We are really sad about that, we hoped that there won’t be any more such cases.

We will see what we can do about that and let you know.



I am not sure if I understand it correctly. When I use the migration app which leads me to the MEW account, the following happens:

  1. MEW opens and asks me for my private key.
  2. I enter the private key and the contract address is prefilled.
  3. Now I enter the AE amount to send … or not? Is that what you meant? I entered the amount of AE there.
  4. When I click Generate Transaction, it sends the TX.

Even after 15 minutes it does not show me anything on my AE vault. Also when I verify the data that I entered, I just can see the amount that I have sent and that’s it. The rest of the data seems to be vanished.

As I have sent a higher amount, I want to get the funds at least back even if I misinterpreted the manual. Even from my point of view it is a bit misleading because nobody emphasized what not to do to avoid this problem.


@ae-albena Hi, thanks for your fast answer.

I know, i was very stupid, i change the criptocurrency for AE in MEW because i wanted to see my funds but when made the transaction i didnt remember change to ETH. If you know what more can i do, i’ll be very greatful. :confused: Thank you again!!!


I wish the initial set of instructions and the website were as clear as they are now. I hope the team finds a way to help those of us who did this. A lot of us have what, for us, is considered a lot of money invested in this project because we believed in it. This would be a huge hit.


I assume there will be a 1 to 1 token to coin ratio. So what will become of the coins not issued on the lost tokens?


You don’t enter the amount of AE in mew, it was already set in the link you got from the tool to migrate, you should not change any values because it generates (and populates) a data field that is sent and signed. If you change anything it won’t match.


Yeah, it is a bit confusing if you don’t pay attention to the contract thing.

First time i transfered ae from one account to another i was so scared because i saw it was sent to the contract, but my transaction was sent to another account, later i saw the contract sent the money to another account and i realized it was the data field. An important part of everything is to keep the data field intact.

I hope you get your tokens back


Yes, i really hope they update the FAQ and put this concern a little more visable for the rest of the people.


The problem that I had was that before I already made so many MEW transactions that I was more or less sure that details would not matter. I did not understand why the amount field should stay empty. The result was the misinterpretation of the fact that tokens should not be directly sent to the contract. My picture was that I have to do it via the migration tool and that‘s it. I did not read the dialogue carefully which stated that fields should not be changed. For me the 0-amount-field just made no sense. But at least I have learned now that it‘s possible to send data to a smart contract without sending an actual value but neverless it should not be so easy to lose thousands of dollars worth of token. But I think that the AE guys are smart enough to find a good technical solution for this problem.


Yeah, I did not completely grasp contracts or even look at source code before, but then it was really interesting that the migration contract calls on the original contract code and interacts with it. so you send the number you want to move and it will do the modification on the original contract. That was incredible job on the ae-team side. But also really really weird because no one does it like that.

I don’t think ethereum allows a contract to be replaced or updated so that may be a problem.


I just sent my tokens directly to the smart contract by mistake as well. Please help


Hey @mawa,

Too bad, we can’t do anything in the moment but we will keep you updated for possible turnarounds.



Hello ae-albena. Any updates on the recovery of the tokens for those that sent directly to the smart contract?



We will not have updates for the users who sent to the smart contract directly soon. Any solution will most probably become available after the end of Phase 3. Please have a look at the last Q&A in the FAQ.



Hi vlad,

Thank you for clarification on this matter.

Hope al wil be cleared after phase 3!


The Blockchain won’t forget, so won’t we :slight_smile:


Hello, are there any news about the lost tokens or will there be an update soon how this can be solved? Thanks in advance for your support.


Hey @mauricem,
Please see Vlad’s comment above - Any solution will most probably become available after the end of Phase 3, so please be patient.



Hello Alberta, I am currently checking my ERC20 wallet and can see the outgoing tx to the AE contract. Do you need it as an evidence of sending the tokens before you send me the forked AE cryptos?
Thanks and best regards,


Hello! i made the same mistake :frowning: do u have any updates on the matter?