I send ae tokens to the migration contract directly


Hey @thirstybryant we may have some solution but only after the last scheduled hard fork in September 2019.

So please be patient, we’ll keep you updated!



I understand, thank you for your reply.


That‘s okay, I planned to keep my AE tokens anyway to use them later for their Aepps. This is a longterm hold project.


Hi there,

I did the swap and it says it was successful on etherscan. Can some1 check on my address since on the site it says its at 0? very stressed rn please help me


Hi @rk1995 ,

If you have finished migration process, the tokens will be available after the next hardford.
You can easily check your mainnet address through here:https://aepp-migrate.aeternity.com/#/status/result to check your status of your migration.



Hey @rk1995, it is possible that your tokens will migrate in Phase 3 if you migrated after the deadline - i.e. they may become available after the hard fork in September. As Mark said, please wait until this forthcoming hard fork is executed and check again then.