Introducing SmartDAO & The Team

We are a dynamic and innovative team of blockchain enablers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of decentralized technology. Our team comprises seasoned professionals, each playing a crucial role in shaping and building SmartDAO into a cutting-edge platform.

Temitope Aroyewon - Frontend Developer: Crafting intuitive interfaces is Temi’s forte. With 3 years of expertise, he excels in transforming designs into captivating user experiences, ensuring SmartDAO’s frontend is not just visually appealing but also highly functional.

Saheed Lukman - Backend Developer: With 3 years of expertise, as a full-stack developer proficient in Node.js and SQL, Saheed brings robust functionality to SmartDAO’s backend. His mastery with Sophia ensures seamless blockchain integration, laying the foundation for a dynamic platform experience.

Adewale Mayowa - Product Designer: Mayowa the creative force behind SmartDAO’s visual identity. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a user-centric approach, She enhances usability and accessibility, making SmartDAO’s interface a delight for users.

Chukwuka Okorie - Product Manager: With a wealth of experience garnered from esteemed organizations, Chuks spearheads SmartDAO’s strategic vision. From product ideation to seamless execution, he ensures our offerings align with user needs and market dynamics.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our previous work, including projects like the SmartDAO developed on the Aeternity blockchain network, showcased in our GitHub repository: SmartDAO Repository.

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:pray: Thank you for introducing yourselves and sharing the impressive backgrounds of your dynamic team. It’s inspiring to see such a blend of expertise and passion driving SmartDAO.

Feel free to post links to your GitHub repository or any other resources where members can learn more about your work and perhaps even contribute. We’re all about collaboration and growth here, and your contributions are highly valued. :rocket: :rocket:

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Thank you for the warm welcome and encouragement! We’re eager to share more about SmartDAO and collaborate with you all. Below is a link to our GitHub for some of the projects we have worked on. Let’s make great things happen together! :rocket:

Github link to our repository.

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