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Status: New
Last updated: 13.02.2024
Submited by Chukwuka, Okorie, [email protected]
Team: @Hexdee @Temi
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Planned Delivery: 8 weeks.

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Open Source Development, and Community Growth.

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Introduction to the NucleusDAO team

Value Application

NucluesDAO will significantly enhance governance within the æternity ecosystem and beyond by introducing transparent and efficient decentralized decision-making processes. With NucleusDAO, the æternity community and every other community on NucleusDAO gains a platform for proposing, voting on, and executing initiatives, fostering inclusivity and empowering community members to shape the ecosystem’s direction. A successful contribution means improved governance, increased community engagement, and ultimately, a more vibrant and resilient æternity ecosystem.

Definition of Terms

NucleusDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) aims at revolutionizing governance structures within the blockchain ecosystem. NucleusDAO encompasses a suite of features designed to enhance decentralized decision-making, foster community engagement, and promote inclusivity among participants. These features include proposal creation and management, membership control, transparent voting mechanisms with optional commentary, fund allocation, and adaptable governance structures to further enhance the effectiveness and dynamism of decentralized governance.

Status Quo

The NucleusDAO project, having traversed its MVP phase, now embarks on a refined and strategic path towards its reconstruction, poised for enhanced efficacy and innovation.

Required Work

Week 1-2: Develop core smart contracts and initiate UI design.
Week 3-4: Implement Basic DAO functionalities and treasury management.
Week 5-6: Develop and integrate proposal system, equal voting, and dashboard analytics.
Week 7-8: Conduct rigorous testing, and prepare for deployment.
Week 8: Launch NucleusDAO on æternity mainnet and initiate community engagement.


320 hours.

Known Limitations

While we strive for optimal functionality, some limitations may arise. Through testing, feedback, and iterative improvements, we’ll address these challenges to enhance the NucleusDAO platform to meet its users need.


After completion, we’ll maintain and improve NucleusDAO based on user feedback, ensuring its functionality, security, and alignment with community needs. We’ll also explore expansion opportunities and integrations within the æternity ecosystem for continued growth and impact.

We do plan to populate the NucleusDAO project to grow the community.


NucleusDAO will be published free of any proprietary license (open-source, open-access).


We confirm that our research and development code will be maintained with bug fixing and new updates on our own account for at least one year after publishing it.


Link to the GitHub repository.
Based off the feedback from previous post.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) stand as the cornerstone of a new era in governance, where transparency, decentralization, and community consensus redefine organizational structures. NucleusDAO emerges as a pioneering solution poised to revolutionize DAO creation and management on the æternity Blockchain.

At the heart of blockchain’s promise lies the potential for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to participate in decentralized governance. However, the complexity of smart contract coding often presents a barrier for individuals seeking to establish their own DAOs. NucleusDAO addresses this challenge head-on by offering a user-friendly, accessible platform where the creation and management of DAOs require no prior coding experience.

By empowering users to effortlessly forge their own DAOs, NucleusDAO democratizes access to decentralized governance. Through an intuitive interface, users can choose from a diverse range of pre-defined DAO types, each tailored to cater to distinct organizational needs. Whether it’s a straightforward membership registry or a sophisticated hierarchical structure, NucleusDAO provides the tools necessary to bring these visions to life.

In essence, NucleusDAO paves the way for a new paradigm in blockchain-based governance, fostering inclusivity, innovation, and community-driven decision-making. As we embark on this journey to empower individuals and organizations, the support garnered from this grant will be instrumental in realizing our vision of a more accessible, inclusive, and robust decentralized ecosystem on the æternity Blockchain.

This proposal outlines our comprehensive plan to build and deploy NucleusDAO, detailing the key features, utilization of funds, expected outcomes, and our team’s commitment to delivering a pioneering platform. Through this endeavor, we aim to fortify the æternity ecosystem by facilitating accessible and robust decentralized governance solutions.


Simplify DAO Creation:

NucleusDAO aims to eliminate technical barriers by providing a user-friendly platform for individuals and organizations to effortlessly create their own DAOs on the æternity Blockchain. Through an intuitive interface, users, regardless of their coding expertise, can navigate and establish their decentralized governance structures seamlessly.

Efficient DAO Operations:

Integrate smart contracts to automate DAO operations, such as fund management, proposal creation, voting, and execution, streamlining governance processes.

Diverse DAO Types:

Offer a spectrum of predefined DAO types to cater to varied organizational needs.

Enhance Accessibility:

Foster inclusivity within the blockchain ecosystem by democratizing access to decentralized governance. NucleusDAO empowers individuals and entities, irrespective of technical proficiency, to actively participate in shaping the future of their communities and organizations through streamlined DAO creation and management.

Facilitate Ecosystem Growth:

Contribute to the expansion and robustness of the æternity Blockchain ecosystem. By encouraging the creation of diverse and innovative DAOs, NucleusDAO seeks to stimulate collaboration, innovation, and new use cases within the æternity community, fostering a vibrant decentralized governance landscape.

Encourage Adoption and Engagement:

Promote widespread adoption of blockchain technology by showcasing the practical applications and benefits of DAOs. NucleusDAO aims to attract a broad spectrum of users, from grassroots community organizations to established enterprises, by highlighting the simplicity and adaptability of its DAO creation and management platform.

Continuous Development and Improvement:

Commit to ongoing refinement and enhancement of NucleusDAO. This includes iterating on the platform’s features, optimizing user experience, and integrating community feedback to ensure a continuously evolving and responsive platform that meets the evolving needs of users and the blockchain ecosystem.

Description of NucleusDAO

NucleusDAO goes beyond conventional DAO frameworks, providing a wide range of features that expand decentralized decision-making.

  • Basic DAO: The Basic DAO within NucleusDAO operates akin to a multi-signature wallet but with enhanced interaction capabilities. Initially, members are added during creation, and subsequent additions or removals are conducted through proposal submissions. The Basic DAO is similar to the multisig wallet but with additional NucleusDAO functionalities. One crucial aspect is that each member possesses equal voting power within the Basic DAO structure.

NucleusDAOs Functionalities:

NucleusDAO includes features of a DAO such as:

Proposal Creation and Management

NucleusDAO enables members to propose initiatives, changes, or actions within the DAO, initiating the decision-making process. Members can create, and vote for and against proposals, fostering a transparent and participatory environment where ideas can be articulated and considered by the community.

Membership Control

Members are managed exclusively through proposals, ensuring democratic involvement in membership alterations.

Voting Mechanisms

Implementing a transparent and decentralized voting system, NucleusDAO enables members to participate in decision-making processes by casting votes on proposed actions or initiatives within the DAO. In the Basic DAO model, all members of the DAO have equal voting power. Each DAO has a voting time period after which the votes are closed automatically, and this voting time period is set initially when creating the DAO and can be changed later through a proposal.

Proposal Execution and Fund Management

Once a proposal achieves the required quorum vote with a majority in support, the DAO autonomously executes approved actions. Furthermore, the allocation and distribution of funds or resources are conducted through the decentralized governance process of approved proposals. Importantly, there are no administrators with sole authority over proposal execution or fund management, ensuring a fully decentralized decision-making mechanism within the DAO.

DAO’s Treasury

Each DAO has its own Treasury which is managed by the DAO’s smart contract. Smart DAO has an interface that displays the current balance of the Treasury and graphical visualizations to provide more insights. This Treasury can hold Aeternity native tokens and AEX-9 tokens. Not only can funds be spent through community-approved proposals, but NucleusDAO’s UI also empowers members to directly contribute to the treasury through donations.

Monitoring and Analytics

NucleusDAO empowers its members with robust monitoring and analytics tools, deep diving into the DAO activity, proposal success rates, and fund allocation. By monitoring these key indicators, the DAO can gauge its impact and adjust its strategies to maximize its positive influence.

How it works

Basic DAO

Creating a DAO:

  • Initiation: A founding member triggers the DAO creation process within NucleusDAO.
  • DAO Type Selection: Select Basic DAO from the list of available DAO types.
  • Add initial members: Provide wallet addresses of all DAO members. Note however, that subsequent members can only be added through a voting and consensus of all members.
  • DAO Customization: Configure the initial governance parameters, such as voting time, support thresholds, quorum as per the DAO’s specific needs.
  • Additional Details & Deployment: Provide supplementary DAO information—like display picture, subdomain, description, and KYC details—and deploy the DAO.

Creating a proposal:

  • Access Proposal Creation: Navigate to the designated area within your DAO and select “create proposal.”
  • Define Proposal: Write a title, summary and select a proposal type depending on the action to be performed. Actions that can be voted on include transfer, modification of DAO settings and addition and removal of DAO members.
  • Enter Proposal details: Enter additional details based on the type of proposal selected such as receiving wallet for a transfer proposal
  • Review & Publish: Verify proposal accuracy and publish proposal.

Voting on a proposal:

  • Access Proposal: Navigate to the DAO you are a part of and browse through the list of active proposals.
  • Review Proposal Details: Carefully read proposal details and understand the actions proposed.
  • Cast Vote: Cast your vote for or against the proposal. All members have equal voting power, except in cases whereby a member has delegated his voting power to another member
  • Confirmation: Review your vote and submit the vote to confirm your participation.

Executing a proposal:

  • Quorum and Support Threshold: Once a proposal voting time has ended and the minimum members required have voted on it with a number above the support threshold(usually 50%) voting in support of the proposal, The proposed action is now ready for execution.
  • Execution process: As a smart contract cannot execute itself, the execute proposal function can be called by any member of the DAO, while the DAO verifies the proposal status and performs the proposed action on successful verification.

Grant Timeline - 8 weeks

Core Functionalities:

  • DAO Creation: Develop intuitive interfaces for creating Basic DAOs.
  • Membership Management: Implement proposal-based membership for Basic DAOs.
  • Proposal System: Enable members to propose, vote on, and execute proposals for changes and actions within the DAO.
  • Voting Mechanisms: Integrate equal voting for Basic DAOs, with configurable time periods.
  • DAO Treasury: Create a smart contract-managed treasury for each DAO, trackable through the UI.
  • Monitoring & Analytics: Integrate tools for analyzing DAO activity, voting patterns, and impact.

Technical Milestones:

  • Develop core smart contracts for DAO operations.
  • Design and implement user-friendly interfaces for DAO creation, management, and participation.
  • Create ERC20 Vote like smart contract for the æternity blockchain.
  • Design and implement monitoring and analytics dashboards.
  • Conduct rigorous testing.
  • Deploy NucleusDAO to æternity mainnet.

Funding Request

Total amount requested ($30,000)

Infrastructure and Hosting Costs ($4,000):

Funds will be allocated to cover expenses related to infrastructure setup, server costs, cloud services, and maintenance fees essential for hosting the NucleusDAO application.

Development and Implementation ($5,000):

Allocated funds will primarily support the development phase of NucleusDAO expense on developing, prototyping, iterating, and rigorously testing innovative functionalities, meticulously implementing the core architecture and adhering to best practices in decentralization and secure execution.

Domain Acquisition ($2,000):

Budget allocation will cover the purchase of necessary domain names to establish a recognizable online presence for NucleusDAO, ensuring ease of access and user recognition.

Developer Salaries ($12,000):

A significant portion of the grant will be utilized to compensate the development team and any technical staff involved in the creation and ongoing enhancement of NucleusDAO.

Marketing and Outreach ($3,000):

A portion of the grant will be designated for marketing efforts aimed at raising awareness and promoting NucleusDAO within the æternity community and broader blockchain ecosystem. This includes targeted marketing campaigns, community engagement initiatives, and promotional activities to attract users and encourage adoption.

Contingency and Future Development ($4,000):

A contingency fund will be set aside to address unforeseen expenses and to support future iterations and improvements of NucleusDAO, ensuring its adaptability and sustainability in the evolving blockchain landscape.

Expected Impact

Elevating Governance Capabilities:

NucleusDAO’s introduction on the æternity Blockchain significantly enhances the platform’s governance capabilities. By simplifying the creation and management of DAOs, it broadens the scope of decentralized decision-making, positioning æternity as a hub for innovative and inclusive governance structures.

Diverse Use Cases and Adoption:

NucleusDAO’s versatile suite of features encourages the exploration of diverse use cases within the æternity ecosystem. This diversity attracts new users, from community-driven projects to established entities, thereby expanding the user base and fostering wider adoption of the æternity Blockchain.

Community Engagement and Collaboration:

With its interactive community spaces and robust communication channels, NucleusDAO serves as a catalyst for heightened community engagement. It cultivates a culture of collaboration, enabling æternity users to actively participate in discussions, share ideas, and collectively contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem.

Technological Advancements and Iterations:

The implementation of NucleusDAO introduces new technological advancements and iterative developments within the æternity Blockchain. The platform’s adaptability, highlighted by the forthcoming feature allowing DAO transformation, showcases the blockchain’s responsiveness to evolving user needs and technological innovations.

Enhanced Reputation and Differentiation:

NucleusDAO’s innovative approach to decentralized governance solidifies æternity’s reputation as a forward-thinking blockchain platform. By offering unique features and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of decentralized organizations, æternity stands out as a leader in promoting cutting-edge governance solutions within the blockchain space.

Long-term Ecosystem Resilience:

NucleusDAO’s impact transcends immediate benefits, contributing to the long-term resilience of the æternity ecosystem. By nurturing a robust environment for decentralized decision-making, it lays the groundwork for sustained growth, adaptability, and community-driven innovation within the blockchain network.


NucleusDAO’s innovative approach to decentralized governance has the potential to revolutionize not just how decisions are made within organizations but to fundamentally transform societal structures. By fostering transparency, inclusivity, and efficient decision-making processes, NucleusDAO aspires to lay the groundwork for a more equitable and participatory future. We are deeply grateful for your consideration and support as we embark on this journey to reshape the landscape of decentralized decision-making.

Thank you for considering our proposal. Together, let’s shape a future where decentralized governance is accessible, transparent, and empowering for all.

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Dear @chuks ,

Just a quick note to say we got your application for NucleusDAO and it’s now under review.

AF team is carefully considering the potential of NucleusDAO to enhance governance and community growth within the æternity ecosystem. We appreciate your dedication to open-source development and your detailed proposal.

Please allow us some time to evaluate your submission thoroughly. We aim to complete the review process as efficiently as possible and will update you on your application’s status.

Thank you for your contribution and patience.

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Dear @chuks ,

Great news - your application for the NucleusDAO grant has been approved! We’re impressed by your dedication and the potential impact on the æternity ecosystem.

As we move forward, we will be in touch with the next steps and any additional information needed to proceed with the grant allocation. We are eager to see the impact your project will have and look forward to supporting you in this journey.

Thanks for your commitment and contribution!


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hey @chuks ,
I’ve sent you an email with Aeternity Foundation guidelines on receiving a grant and payments at you mail address [email protected]

For any questions, feel free to reach out. We’re excited to see your project progress!

hi @aeternity_Foundation, thank you so much for reaching out. i will send out the requested information as soon as possible.

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Excited to announce our grant approval and soon commencement of NucleusDAO. Let’s get started on this journey together! :rocket:


As a technical worker and an ae community participant. I raised a few questions; Of course I’m not targeting anyone; But I hope the foundation and the applicants for this program can answer me. @aeternity_Foundation @chuks First: I remember last year ae held the dao Hackathon; See The DAO-Fi Fusion Code Challenge hackathon has ended, and here are the winners! – æternity Blog; Can’t the dao in there be used? Second: as a technician; I know the cost of research and development. The domain name only costs $10 a year, and the server only costs $100 a month (already enough, in aws, because there are no users now) why the developer proposed that the domain name needs $2000; $4,000 server? I suggest a review; In addition, ensure that the monthly payment of funds after the product is launched.


Hi @charles,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and questions. Regarding the DAO Hackathon, projects developed during hackathons often serve as minimum viable products (MVPs) to showcase ideas and functionalities. NucleusDAO, on the other hand, is a comprehensive and long-term project that requires robust infrastructure, ongoing development, and sustained support.

The cost estimations for domain and server expenses are projected for a longer duration, typically over 5 to 10 years, considering the longevity of the project. It’s important to note that the $2000 for the domain name and $4000 for the server are not one-time payments for a single month but rather encompass the extended period to ensure uninterrupted operation, scalability, and resilience of NucleusDAO. These estimates include factors like domain registration for multiple years to secure the project’s online presence and identity over the long term.

Moreover, the server costs are calculated with scalability and growth in mind, anticipating increased user traffic and additional services. The intention is to provide a stable and reliable platform for NucleusDAO, accommodating its evolving needs over an extended time-frame.

Beyond the core infrastructure, the proposed budget also covers various services such as business email and premium DNS, crucial for enhancing security, communication, and overall user experience. These services contribute to the project’s professionalism, security, and operational efficiency.

We appreciate your attention to the details and concerns raised. NucleusDAO aims to establish a sustainable and thriving decentralized governance platform, and your feedback is valuable in refining and optimizing our approach.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, we welcome continued dialogue and appreciate your engagement in the NucleusDAO community.


March 11 - March 15

New UI Development:

We’ve successfully completed the new user interface design, and the prototyping phase is nearing completion. Our team has been diligently working on refining the designs to ensure they align with user preferences and enhance the overall user experience.

Enhancing BasicDAO Style:

In addition to UI development, we’ve dedicated time to research and analyze other DAO platforms to gather insights and best practices. Our goal is to continuously improve the Basic DAO style on the NucleusDAO platform, providing users with a seamless and intuitive governance experience.

Brand Identity Development:

Our efforts to establish NucleusDAO’s brand identity are ongoing. We’re currently working on designing the brand visuals, including both dark and light mode options, to ensure consistency and aesthetic appeal across the platform.

Logo Design:

The process of creating a unique and representative logo for NucleusDAO is underway. We’re exploring various concepts and iterations to develop a logo that encapsulates the essence of our platform and resonates with our community.

Link to UI Prototype Video: NucleusDAO Prototype on Vimeo


just checked out the UI prototype video on Vimeo, and I must say, it’s looking really sharp. Keep up the fantastic work! :rocket: :rocket:


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Thank you. :rocket: :rocket:

March 18 - March 22

Completed Tasks:

Dark Mode UI Design and Prototype: We successfully completed the design and development of a fully functional prototype for the dark mode version of the web app. This ensures a visually comfortable and appealing user experience in low-light environments.

Branding and Logo Design: The team finalized the branding design and logo, establishing a clear visual identity for the project.

Upcoming Tasks:

Light Mode UI Design: In the coming week, the focus will shift to designing the light mode version of the web app. This ensures optimal user experience across different lighting preferences.

Front-end Design Implementation: Following the completion of both light and dark mode UI designs, the team will begin implementing the front-end functionalities, bringing the design elements to life.


March 25 - March 29

Completed Light Screen Mode: We have successfully finalized the design for the light screen mode, ensuring a sleek and user-friendly interface.

Ongoing Frontend Implementation: We are progressing steadily with the implementation of the front end, refining the user experience and functionality.

Mobile Responsiveness UI Design: We’ve commenced work on optimizing the UI design for mobile responsiveness, catering to the diverse needs of our users on different devices.

Smart Contract Development: We’ve also kicked off the development of the smart contracts.


April 1 - April 5

Frontend Implementation:
We have completed the frontend implementation, enhancing user interface and navigation.

Mobile Design Progress:
Our team is currently in the midst of refining the mobile design experience to ensure optimal responsiveness and usability across various devices.

Smart Contract Development:
We have successfully created the template for the BasicDAO, laying the foundation for DAO creation with essential functionalities. Additionally, the main NucleusDAO smart contract, responsible for managing all DAOs on the platform, has been developed. We are currently in the process of writing comprehensive tests to ensure the reliability, security, and efficiency of our platform.