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Hi, I am Drugzbymail, aka Josh. I am a 27 year old part time/hobby fruit and marijuana farmer residing in Massachusetts. Permaculture inspired me to help decentralize food production and other resources to boost resilience of the local economy. I predict that at some point in my lifetime climate change and other problems will cause a global recession causing local economies to become more important. That’s what I am passionate about; taking good care of the planet so that future generations can experience the amazing things that I have.

Decentralized currency and efficient financial instruments are an important part of freeing up labor and resources to be good stewards of our home Gaia. Aeternity has the best approach to this, and it is the only coin I hold.
Nice to meet you


Hello, Josh,

Thank you so much for this introduction and for your support!
It is wonderful to meet you too.

The AE Team


Hello, my name is Bastian Blankenburg, and I live and work in Nairobi, Kenya, where I co-founded and am CTO of UTU Technologies (, whose mission is provide “trust infrastructure to the sharing economy” (or in fact, on-demand economy), based on a personal relationship-based recommendation algorithm which also employs AI/ML techniques to learn who trusts whom for recommendations for which (kind of) services in what situations.

We’ve for a while thought hard about what blockchain technology might mean to our approach, and if and how we should employ the technology. Recently, we were accepted into the 3rd cohort of AI-startup accelerator, we met many blockchain-enthusiasts. This pushed us to get serious with our blockchain ambitions.

Additionally, we were at the recent WBS Nairobi where we met some other African blockchain enthusiasts who are interested in building an African identity management and trust platform. We’re currently forming an African partnership around this, and are jointly working on a white paper.

At WBS Nairobi, I also had the great pleasure to meet @nikola and @emin there, and could immediately see and was impressed by the high level of the technical team and approach. I’m a sort of “programming language design connoisseur”, if such a thing exists, and love ML. So I was thrilled to learn about Sophia’s design.

As for my own background, besides having worked as a software engineer in industry, I’ve done a PhD in distributed AI, aka multi-agent systems, about “Coalition Formation among Rational Agents in Uncertain and Untrustworthy Environments”. As part of that work, there were several instances of (parts of) algorithms/protocols which would have been quite a bit simpler to devise had blockchain technology and particularly smart contracts been available at the time.


Hi, I’m murt9000, I’ve been a bitcoin and blockchain enthusiast since early 2013 and an Aeternity enthusiast since February 2017 when i first stumbled across an article about this project. I live in Ireland and enjoy playing guitar, tinkering with photoshop and researching blockchain related topics and applications. I’ve enjoyed contributing to this project and watching this prolific team and thriving community grow over the past year. I’m very excited about Aeternity’s mobile-first strategy and the potential of this project to broaden the everyday use of cryptocurrency and digital assets.


Hi, I am Andy Hong , from China. I am a mobile game developer, I wish I could build decentralized game base on aeternity network!


Hi all, I am a software developer, digital nomad, and blockchain ninja, following closely AE


Hi Everyone there,I am Mark,from china.
I found the AEchina community in the beginning of the Part II of the program. and then I created the QQ group and wechat group.
In china , the most popular chating software is QQ and wechat,
For the QQ group, I created the first one now has 2000people(640677781). For the second group now has more than 1400 people(702175999).
For the Wechat group, I created now 3 groups total more than 1200 people. You can add: abinble to join us!
And also for another software which is knowlege globle(called AE中国=AEChina) now has more than 2300 people. It is a place very good for the ae information speard.
My community waibo: AEChina_cn focus on the AE team news and program news as well.
For now the AEchina community more than 6000people and I believe more and more people are joining in and spread the ae.

我在AE二期时于国内最早建立QQ群,建立AEchina社区。 然后我创建了QQ群和微信群。
对于QQ群,我创建了第一个拥有2000人(640677781)的人。 对于第二个现在有超过1400人(702175999)。
对于微信群组,我现在创建了3个小组,总计超过1200人。 您可以添加:abinble加入我们!
而另一个知道知识星球的软件(被称为AE中国= AEChina)现在拥有超过2300人。 这是一个非常适合ae信息的地方。




Hello everyone,

It’s nice to have you here! Keep the discussion going!

The AE Team


Hey people,

My name is Damelon, or Bas.
I have been involved in crypto since 2013.
For those old-timers, you may know me from Nxt, where I was community manager and speaker for a long time.
Since then, I’ve started a small blockchain education company, that works from Amsterdam where I teach and do presentations of multiple topic.

I also write articles which you can find at

I’ve been following the Aeternity project from the beginning and I enjoy what is being done.

Wished I could have met the team in Amsterdam a few weeks back, but couldn’t make it due to other commitments.

Will be reading the forums with interest and participate where I think I can contribute :slight_smile:


Hey @Damelon,

Thank you for your support, nice to have you here!

Best regards,
The AE Team


Love it! Thank you for posting this!


Nice to meet you Bas! Very interesting website you have there ->


Hello all,

I am passionate about Erlang and Aeternity since project start, I am currently operating in London UK and looking for collaboration partners to build aepps/dapps prototypes.
Funding available and interested in ventures collaboration across development, marketing, distribution and mining.

Please message me if interested in a conversation

Best regards,


Hi - Looking forward to contributing to aeternity awareness, visibility and scale-up worldwide.


Welcome guys! Glad to have you here!


I’m song xuecheng, a Chinese . I am your supporter and I hope you will do better


Hey Song! We are doing better right now! :smiley:


Hello everybody,

my name is Aleksandar Boh, 48yrs young , native German (Bavarian) but living the last 24 years in Bulgaria. Choosen a small city named Smolyan here that is located in the rhodope mountains.

I have gone through many businesses in my carrier (always self employed), from real estates up to rally racing and from a webmaster/owner of some large sites than back in the internets first steps up to mining/trading/investing in crypto now.

Right now i have and maintain a small, a bit below 100 Asics, mining farm and some gpu rigs. Advancing in good crypto trading and researching a lot of projects to be sure i hold the right coins/tokens. Working daily 24/7 about 16 hours on it, but actually it’s fun, not work.

Like many others here i’am not a programmer but hopefully i can contribute here on other topics that are not programming related.

Why i’am here on the Aeternity forum? The last months i have researched and taken under the magnifying glass about 2000 projects/coins/tokens to see with which to go over the next months and hopefully years.
It’s no secret that most are just … garbage or at least questionable if you dig a bit deeper in them.

While researching Aeternity i immediatly had a good feeling and the team impressed me most. Next thing i liked is that there is no big useless hype about it, just facts and that is how it should be in my opinion. Everybody can hype, only view can deliver is my saying in such cases.

And of course i admit that it seems that the team is has a Germans and Bulgarians, which somehow made me maybe a bit biased as well. But i’am pretty sure the team can deliver and develope what it promises and hence, the reason i’am here now, and eventually i’am able to contribute here and there and help a bit making it a good long term blockchain project.

That’s it about me, nice to meet you all here and hopefully some more members choose to introduce themself…


Hey @boxalex,

Thank you for that introduction.
Nice to meet you too.

Best regards,
The AE Team