Introduction Thread


Hello everyone!
I am Ethan and I am a first time poster over here!
I am from England but I stay in India as of now!


Hello @ethanscott,

Nice to have you here.

The AE Team


Hi Everyone,

My name is Mike. I’m a 31 yo resident of Denver, CO USA. My BS is in Investment Finance. Currently, I’m the owner of a transportation and adventure company and also a member of the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce. I also have excellent access to one of the largest promotional item distributers in the US.

I was turned toward æternity by a friend in early 2017 and have followed it every day since. The sheer resiliancy of the team along with its experienced and talented leadership has instilled my confidence in the project to a fault. I’d like to be the first business in the US to accept Æ and currently trying to figure out how to do so (advice is appreciated).

I hope to begin promoting æ through the æmmbassador program and putting together different promotional items for distribution while also educating the public on what æternity is and its benefits for business. Denver is an early adapter haven and I believe it would take on very well here.



I agree. I too live in Denver and have supported AE since phase 1 of the ICO. It is a fascinating project with great potential. You start accepting AE payments I will buy :+1:


Hello everyone,

I’m an AE holder from ICO phase 2, looking forwards to the launch of the mainnet and the wide application of AE blockchain.


Hi, my name is sizhe Xi, doing my phd in uk working on the artificial intelligence(computer vision) , I travel between China and UK/EU frequently. I am interested in blockchain, AI, robots. Had worked with ARM, Fraunhofer on a few TSB and EU projects on smart city and IOT in the past four years. Now I have founded a IOT company in China based on NBIOT solution and a UK based company to work on the vertical farming. I am aiming to decentralize AI and internet of things in the next machine economy. @Drugzbymail decentralize the farming production is one of my life goals, I run a container farm before, hope to change something with blockchain hi, looking for a meet around when I am back to London


Hey all,

Nice to have you all here. Keep the discussion going.

The AE Team


Hello all. My name is Arjan. Originally I’m Dutch, but living for 7 years in Bulgaria now.

I’m a software developer with a passion for blockchain in its various forms and use cases.

At the Blackseachain conference in Varna this weekend I got to know about Aeternity and got very positively impressed about it. I can think of various use cases where Aeternity would be the best platform to build a solution upon. So I’m definitely interested in a deep dive into building aepps and help out where I can, as open source projects depend on the community around it.


Hey @arjanvaneersel,

Nice to have you here.

You can also get involved as an æpps tester, if you are interested, let us know.

The AE Team


Sounds interesting indeed. I also applied for the æmbassador program to get a Bulgarian meetup started. Also, once I got the hang of how things work I’m interested to contribute to the project, especially in the form of developing a Go and Rust SDK, as those are the main language I (will) work with. So don’t worry, I have enough of æmbition :wink:


Bonjour a todos!

I’m Julio Alejandro - Global Communications for AE. Before joining AE I worked in various programs trying to stop deportations of immigrants (Mexicans and Syrians) and for free market initiatives that promote entrepreneurships in hopeless regions.

I studied globalization in ITESM and Sciences Po Paris and currently reside in London. If anyone ever comes here, drop me a line on Telegram (@JulioAlexo) and I’ll take you on a quick tour of our “Silicon Valley” (Old Street) and will take you to the events, conferences, and roundtables I weekly participate.

Greetings to all!


Please connect with Erik Vollstadt, he will guide you. [email protected] ; also, Vlad who is based in Sofia can help.


Get in touch, I’m also based in London.

[email protected] - Send me some links so I can gtk better what you do.


Hi Julio

Thanks for your reply, I will send you detail over email and looking forward speaking further


I haven’t received anything yet; send it again [email protected]


Hi, I am Femi aka Cryptofridge. I am a Young chap, i work part time in the renewable energy sector. I am a Blockchain/Digital currency Researcher and Enthusiast whose main goal is to see a mass adoption of Digital Currency and a rapid growth in Blockchain Technology adoption starting from my immediate environment. I Live in Nigeria and will be holding meetups regularly in various locations across the country. I look forward to fostering the Vision and Mission of AEternity so that this present Generation and future one’s will experience the awesome benefit of Blockchain Technology.
I believe AEternity has taken a wholesome approach to seeing that this is rapidly achieved and i am a 100% committed to working with the AEternity Team and Family.

Once again its a pleasure being a part of this Big family.


nice to meet you Femi!! looking forward more meetups in Nigeria! :slight_smile:


Hi! How is it going? Can anybody tell me about this coin in short please?


Hey @Snowflake,

Welcome, nice to have you here :slight_smile:
æternity is a scalable smart-contract platform that has integrated state channels and oracles as part of its core code. The æternity Mainnet - the Roma Release was launched in November 2018.

Check this FAQs for more extensive information and ask us if you have questions :slight_smile:

Best regards,


I’m Aeon, live in Boston work for a historic black community health center as a data scientist.

I got into aeternity after reading about the erlang codebase and thought it was no-brainer. when the parity hack happened, i sold all my ETH during the ICO. Here i am ever since, making terrible price predictions.