Introduction Thread


Hey Aeon, we’re happy to have you here with us :slight_smile:
Prices go up and down, the technology is what’s important, right?



Hey aeon! Your price predictions are better than mine at least! Have you considered holding a meetup in Boston? You know I’d be there early for that buddy!

Nice to see this topic getting some renewed activity, lots of people learn about aeternity every day


Yooo! Remember Yusef from the initial meetup? He’s been trying to organize meetups. I’ve been leaning on him to join the forum i’ll reach out again.


I look forward to your price analysis. Keep them coming!!!


Hi all! I have been working in the crypto sphere for a year now, now im interested in Aeternity


Hey @VladEx,

Welcome, we’re happy to have you here!



Hi everyone, I am a newbie as well. I live in Eastern Europe and I am a full-time translator. With the growing interest to crypto all around the world, I decided to dive into this sphere as well and get educated.


Hello @CryptoParadise and welcome!

Nice to have you here :slight_smile:
What languages are you translating into?



Hello everyone,
I’m pleased to join your forum. Hope to gather more knowledge in cryptocurrencies, as well as to know more abot your project.


Hey @Crypt0Pro, welcome!

We are happy to have you here :slight_smile:



Hey Albena,
My working languages are English, French, and Russian. And I am learning Spanish :slight_smile: Do you like languages as well?


Hey, I also speak French but I don’t consider myself really a linguist.
I want to learn Spanish too - @Nessa could help us :smiley:

We have Russian and Spanish threads here in the Forum so keep an eye on the discussions there as well!




sure! I can help you both with spanish :blush:

And I would like to learn French :slightly_smiling_face:

Feliz día chicos!


Hi guys,
this is Manol, entrepreneur & senior backend developer .

I belive that the blockchain would affect any tech and non-tech sphere, so I have intention to start learning to develop blockchain dApps.

I follow the Æternity project since the start and I like the fact that I can meet the team in offline events, which is awesome.

So, here am I :slight_smile:


Welcome @man0l, we are happy to have you here :slight_smile:

Here is the perfect place to start learning how to develop æpps from scratch, we’ll help you with that!



Okey, thank you for information, I wll have a look at these threads as well. By the way, I consider Spaish to be a real pleasure to learn, especiallyif you already know French. So many similarities!


Hola Nessa, muchas gracias! :smiley:


Was is Spanish? Sounds great!


I also want to learn French, it’s so attractive for me. But I consider it a little bit difficult, especially phonetics.


French is very special, I agree. I was trying to learn it myself first, but then when I joined the classes I understood that my self-learnt pronunciation was far from ideal:sweat_smile:
But, if you combine audio lessons with learning words, it could be a good start. Let me know if you’re interested, I will look for some materials for you:sunglasses: