Jos Hackathon event

The “Joshackaeternity” event which started 30th May was concluded 31st May with 15teams who indicated to pitch their ideas and before the pitching started 7 of them declined and the reason they gave was they were not fully ready leaving a total of 8 teams!

  1. Adashe
  2. Surveillance/facial recognition
  3. Budgetchain
  4. Diagnochain
  5. New voting
  6. E-radio
  7. Unified Medical directory
  8. ImPrint
    We had various experts as members of the jury:
    Dr. G.T University of Jos (lecturer)
    Mr. Alams University of Jos (lecturer/software developer)
    Mr. Emmanuel National Open University (lecturer/ software developer)
    Mr. Joseph Dilas Nhub Nigeria (software developer)
    Each of the teams pitched their ideas and had questions from the audience and the jury.
    Adashe: This was presented as a concept that helps people who are into small scale businesses to save money among themselves and in bits and this is to help them boost productivity and to have some sort of funding within them. They argued that in the past, people have done same thing and eventually lost their funds because someone who was smarter left with all the funds and so by having the solution on the blockchain, it will increase transparency and accountability. They also believe this can be replicated globally within different communities.
    Surveillance/facial recognition: This they say is to help reduce the rate of crime in the social and especially a vulnerable place like Nigeria and Africa as well. They argue that with a technology like this running on the blockchain in the continent of Africa, terrorism will be a thing of the past.
    BudgetChain: The expressed the need to have budgets running on the blockchain to be able to tract transactions and reports of government activities and not just government but all public institutions. They argued that government especially in Africa is just wasting resources with no accountability. They say with things like budgetchain, funders also can tract what their resources is used for by checking transactions details on the blockchain. They emphasized the need to have it running in the university as a check for financial misappropriation and accountable then it can go up to the government.
    DiagnoChain: This is going to be like a database for medical survey where doctors can pull out resources for research. This information will be accessible only to doctors who are working on some certain illnesses.
    New votingApp: This is voting app to enable users vote on blockchain without any kind of interference. They argued that people have been paid money to vote for certain candidates and they wish it will be different and voting taking place on the blockchain especially from Africa.
    E-radio: This is an E-radio to promote blockchain and cryptocurrency education because most of the countries in Africa and some part of the world don’t recognize cryptocurrency resulting in poor adoption of blockchain and usage of blockchain solutions.
    Unified Medical directory: This is a directory that will store medical records of patience and this will avoid loss of medical files and wrong prescription from the pharmacies. They argued that there are still cases of patients being administered wrong prescriptions in the hospitals and also loss of medical records.
    ImPrint: This is a digital management system where health institutions can gain access to a person identity and previous health records using just fingerprints thereby reducing fake information and speeding up the treatment process. They argued that this will be very useful especially in the Nigerian health sectors where when patients come with emergency cases, they tend not to be attended to until there are some file processes are done or there is a police report in terms of accidents.

After all the presentation, the jury finally decided and budgetchain was awarded the winner of “Joshackaeternity”.
It was a worthwhile experience not just because it was the first aeternity blockchain hackathon in Jos but it was the first blockchain hackathon to be hosted in Plateau state. The student/participants were truly excited about the hackathon and they asked for a bigger event where they could be engaged for bigger productivity.
The winners are going to continue work on the prototype and possibly host it on aeternity; also the other participants are also willing to fine-tune their ideas based on recommendations from both the jury and some of the participants and eventually have some smart contract codes as well also using sophia.


Winning team of the hæckathon!





Surveillance/facial recognition

Day 2 of the hæckathon

Unified medical directory

participants working on their prototype

Teams building their prototypes

New Voting App

Hæçkathon mentors and jury


Also here are the github repos of the hæckathon teams!

(the last one is the winning team.)

Here is the video from the hæckathon last month!

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